Apple iPhone SE 2: What To Expect?

Many probably have already heard the rumors about the release of the Apple iPhone SE 2. If you are still not excited, you will soon be as we will review the expected specs and capabilities of this new device. And who knows, maybe it will attract the attention of the Android fanboys too. So, let’s not waste any more time and see what is all the fuss about.

Design of the iPhone SE 2

Despite some people wanting iPhone SE 2 to look like iPhone X, it is known already that Apple made iPhone SE 2 after iPhone 8, so that’s how it will look like. It will also come in three different colors: black, white and red.

iPhone SE 2
Source: Apple


Borrowing design from iPhone 8 lets iPhone SE 2 have a screen of 4.7 inches. An uncommon decision in the ever-growing screen market, but I sure do believe that this will be greatly appreciated by people who want a smaller phone, for one reason or another.


iPhone SE 2 is going to get the same 12MP camera as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, so anyone who buys this phone will not be disappointed. However, there will not be an ultra-wide or telephoto secondary cameras. But who uses them anyway?


Sadly or gladly, but The Face ID will not be available on this iPhone, therefore Touch ID will make a comeback this time.


The camera is not the only thing the iPhone SE 2 will be borrowing from iPhone 11. It’s getting the same amazing Apple A13 processor as the iPhone 11 series. Apple will combine this chipset with 3GB of RAM, which will make it one of the fastest phones of 2020, providing a fair fight for any Android counterpart. It will also be available in 64GB, 128GB or 256GB storage size, which is expected to fulfill anyone’s needs.  

iPhone SE 2
Source: Apple


Apple is putting iPhone 11 connectivity modules in this baby. So, performance will be strong in this one, However, as much as you’d like, there will not be 5G capability.

Release date

Apple has announced the expected release date to be on April 24th, 2020, so there is not much time left before we will see this masterpiece flood the world.


Preliminary prices start at $399, which is quite unusual for an Apple iPhone but having in mind its smaller screen size and lack of secondary cameras it makes sense.

iPhone SE 2: the Conclusion

There are a lot of people that are tired of bulky huge screen sizes, so this move from Apple will probably result in huge interest from many people. A proper camera and extremely powerful chipset are adding even more value. And with a base price of only $399 there is no doubt that the new iPhone will be a major success. I don’t know about you, but Apple convinced me that this phone is perfect for me.

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