Best Gaming Keyboard For A Hardcore Gamer

A gaming keyboard for a gamer one of the most essential tools. Without a keyboard it would be impossible to play the majority of the games out there. Of course, sometimes a regular old keyboard will do, but if you think about gaming more seriously than your mom, you know that having the right tool for the job is a must. Therefore, the Techolala team has chosen a few options to set you on your way in the search for a new gaming keyboard. Some of them are the best of the best, some are economic variants, and rest are in between. So, you will definitely find one that suits your needs.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

If you want the best of the best, then look no more, this keyboard, although a bit expensive, will fulfill anybody’s needs. It is a full-size keyboard with full RGB backlight for aesthetics and ease of handling in low light conditions. It has integrated media controls, so it will help you avoid any interruptions. WASD keys are textured to give you that extra sensation. A detachable wrist rest will make you forget about any hand pain that you may be experiencing right now.

In short – it does basics extremely well, and it has every extra feature you could think about. So if you are ready to go an extra step, this gaming keyboard, although expensive, is the best option.

Gaming keyboard

Kingston HyperX Alloy Origins

A keyboard for gamers who appreciate aesthetics. It has a nice RGB backlight built-in, a low noise, extremely pleasant button push. A body made out of aluminum alloy will ensure the durability of everyday use as well as of gaming rage. The compact design gives you an option to adjust the angle of the gaming keyboard. Also, it has a detachable USB Type-C connection cable that will ensure the portability of your setup. It also features multimedia control which is a nice touch.  

In short – a perfect option for a portable gamer or one that loves to see the beauty in simple things.


Logitech Pro X

This gaming keyboard is an interesting one. It has fully programmable RGB backlight, professional tournament grade key switches.  It is encased in a heavy-duty, yet lightweight body, which is compact, but spacious. All of these features, as the company tells, are dictated by professional gamers, so this keyboard is built to make you win. But wait, here comes the best part. Every single key is fully customizable, so you will able to create a fully custom layout for your individual needs.

In short – a keyboard built by pros for pros. Suitable for a gamer that looks for excellence in every step.

gaming keyboard

SteelSeries Apex Pro

This one, believe it or not, has the ability to individually set the actuation point for every single key! This would be an extremely useful feature if you plan using it on two different routines, like gaming and working. It also has a 1.6 million color RGB backlight for that perfect shade you are looking for. There is built-in detachable magnetic wrist rests for your comfort. And above all, a small OLED display is integrated into the corner of this gaming keyboard that lets you alter key settings, control media, and even display a small logo of your choice. As you can see, it is riddled with features.

In short – It’s the best gaming keyboard for part-time high-end gamers who are picky about key actuation.

steelseries keyboard

Havit Low Profile Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

It may come as a surprise, but not all gaming keyboards have to be bulky chunks of metal. This one is extremely low profile, yet has the same functionality as many others. RGB backlight, fully programmable keys… you name it. Although it lacks multimedia keys, it compensates by providing its appealing sleek and thin design.

In short – it is excellent for a gamer that expects high performance and low profile. Excellent for both laptop and desktop gaming

Havit keyboard

Logitech K840

Sometimes it just happens that you are a budget gamer. In this case you will not find any better than Logitech K840 gaming keyboard. It has nice looks and a durable front plate made out of aluminum alloy. Although it does not have any backlight, it has an integrated function key to ease up your controls and avoid interrupting gameplay for non-important reasons.

In short – it is cheap, but well-made and definitely does the job.

el cheapo

So, if you haven’t chosen your keyboard yet, I hope this article at least sets you on your way on deciding what features you expect from a keyboard. Stay safe and game on.

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