Emoji Marketing: Why And How To Use It

emoji marketing
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We all can agree that emotions have simply conquered modern people. Now that communication is more virtual than live, we can’t do without emoji pictures. They enliven text messages, give them more playfulness, help to express emotions that we may not want to put into words. Who do they associate with us? Probably with entertainment and fun conversations with friends. Have you ever wondered that emoji marketing can also serve in business, in E-Commerce Online Store advertising?

The benefits of Emoji Marketing in e-commerce

Brands use emotions to communicate with their target audience, reach their customer’s mobile phones, and show that they are up-to-date by the latest communication trends. After all, emoji help convey the desired message far more playful.

In addition, they help to overcome language barriers, making it easier for brands to reach foreign markets. After all, emoji meanings are the same all over the world. So everyone will understand the message you send in your e-commerce advertising, no matter what their nationality.

Emoji pictures are an opportunity to say more with fewer means of expression. Marketers know that people don’t like to get a lot of information at once, so the shorter the message and at the same time the more informative – much better. Emoji pictures are a powerful tool to convey more information without words.

Emoji allows you to decipher people’s reactions on social media. Depending on the emotions you use, you can judge a person’s mood, needs, and more. Emoji images are so impressive because they are accepted by the human brain as nonverbal information. These are not words, but an emotional part of communication.

How to use emoji in your business – e-commerce

E-commerce emoji marketing is the creation of marketing campaigns using emoji images. This includes the use of emoticons in social networking posts, graphics, their use as hashtags, the creation of emoticon domains, and so on.

When developing an emoji marketing strategy for e-commerce, brands should first find out which platforms are most commonly used by their target audience. It is also necessary to ensure access to smartphones.

It is important that the use of emoji images in e-commerce would be correct. It has to perform its function, to fit the context. Respect your target audience and use emoticons naturally: don’t try to use them as much as possible just to increase user engagement or show that you’re following the latest communication trends. People quickly notice artificiality.

According to the survey, around 60% of 18-34 year-olds think that companies make too much effort to use emoticons in ads or marketing campaigns. It was also found that 50% of young people think that combining emoticons and text helps people better understand each other.

Studies have shown that emoji images help increase consumer engagement. Scientists have found that looking at a smiling emoticon activates the same parts of the brain as looking at a real human face.

Use emoticons in your e-commerce “Push Notifications” to increase product sales. They will personalize your ads, increase the clarity and accuracy of your messages will convey emotions. In addition, these small, visually appealing icons will save space as you won’t have to use a lot of words.

Thus, emoji marketing can be great for business, e-shop advertising, just need to know how and where to use emoticons in a targeted way. They help increase consumer engagement, sales, better understand customer emotions and create more interesting and playful advertising campaigns.

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