Google Analytics Show High Bounce Rate? Reasons & Fix It

Does Google Analytics show High Bounce Rate? Not sure what to do? The success of any website depends very much on the design. Whether created by professional designers or amateurs, quality is a priority. It has to be not only visually beautiful but also easy to use.

Since the website is the face of your business, most potential customers will visit it before visiting your store. So it is necessary to make a great first impression. Otherwise, the website will fall down of ​​competitors.

Website design is more meaningful for conversions than you think. Even if you use great conversion promotion tactics, poor website quality can deter potential customers. In fact, website design means not just how it looks, but this is how it works. Even a simple, minimalist design that is well-structured makes Google work great. Potential customers are most trusted by those online sites or stores that are popular and valued by people.

In this article, we will reveal the most important principles of website design, which will make it aesthetic, efficient, attractive, and user-friendly.

Simplicity and consistency of website design

One of the basic rules is not to overdo it. Too many design elements on a page can distract visitors from the main purpose of your site. Simplicity, in this case, means efficiency.

The clean and fresh design of the website not only makes it attractive but also helps the user to move smoothly from one page to another. It is important to emphasize that every element of the design must be purposeful, not just decoration.

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Consistency in website design is very important. Make sure the design elements are the same on each page (fonts, sizes, headers, subheadings, button styles). Without looking at these things, your site will look chaotic and uneven.

Textual information

No matter how great website design is, the text is still the most important element because it is about conveying information to users. It is based on textual information (keywords, meta descriptions, etc.) websites are ranked by search engines.

Consider using easier-to-read fonts such as Arial, Helvetica, and more. Do it appropriate font combinations for each design element, such as headings, text, buttons, and so on.

The website must be compatible with mobile devices and fast loading time

Nowadays, we can see the high use of smartphones and tablets. This is why you could have a high bounce rate. Website design needs to be adapted to a variety of screens. Otherwise, you will lose the fight against competitors.

Contact web development services providing a company that will customize your website for different mobile devices. It will then be convenient to use regardless of the screen size.

No one likes a site that takes too long to load. So you have to take care of the fast loading speed. This work will be performed qualitatively only by professionals.

Website color palette and visuals

A good color combination attracts consumers, and a poor one can distract or annoy. So you have to choose a color palette that will create a pleasant atmosphere and positively affect your visitors. This is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. Often too little attention is paid to the choice of colors, but unnecessarily.

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Communication of your website

The main purpose of visitors is to get information. If people find all the information they are interested in on your site, they are more likely to spend more time buying goods or services here.

It is advisable to provide information in a specific, concise way, to avoid long, extremely complex sentences, unclear wording, to choose appropriate headings.

Following the principles of good website design mentioned above, you will create an aesthetic and functional website. This is how you can fix your Bounce Rate and increase the trust of your website. This is a condition for business success.

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