How COVID-19 is helping our planet?

believe it or not, COVID-19 is helping our planet, although it certainly has a devastating effect on both human lives and the world economy. But does this pandemic has only the dark side? Scientists and environmental specialists around the world are stating otherwise, as economic lockdown has caused some surprising, yet interesting and healthy for the planet changes that might teach all of us something new.

Sharp CO2 reduction

As is known, China was the first victim of this global pandemic. People were forced to stay at home, policing was done by drones widely, and therefore many factories were forced to shut down. The whole world was babbling about the shortage of Chinese goods. But meanwhile, environmental specialists noticed, that his event has caused a sharp drop in CO2 emissions caused by China. We know that CO2 is the main gas that creates the greenhouse effect, and China was the main producer of it. However, it is unknown how long this will last. So, the COVID-19 is helping our planet by combating global warming at least for now.

COVID-19 is helping our planet
A clear sky in Beijing. Source:

Air in Delhi

Delhi, the capital city of India was known for a long time as one of the dirtiest, most polluted cities in the whole world. Emissions of various gasses frequently caused smog and other nasty environmental hazards. Just as the situation in China, Delhi suffered the same fate. The economy has almost stopped, much less cars in the street and working factories. People of Delhi can finally breathe in a gulp of fresh air. Most of them for the first time in their life. So, I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that COVID-19 is helping our planet in the most unsuspected ways.

Human mindset

For a lot of people this pandemic is first and only one in their lifetime. Many of us have never even imagined that we cannot take everything for granted. It also showed us the weak spots that our systems, including the healthcare system. Therefore, we shall be grateful for our eyes being opened to any nonsense that exists in this world.

I know it can be hard to do social distancing, especially for our beloved extroverts. But you should try viewing this pandemic as a mind-building exercise. I bet you have created something interesting during that much free time.

Venice canals

One of the most favorite tourist attractions in Venice was to get a ride in a gondola – a special Venetian boat used to carry people and cargo via its famous canals. However, because of lockdown tourists are no longer visiting Venice or any other famous city. Therefore, as stated by residents, for the first time in recorded history Venetian canals are crystal clear. Any mud has settled in the bottom. It is told, that you can see swans on the surface of Venetian water and tiny little fish swimming underneath. Sometimes nature just keeps surprising us, right?

Venice canal
Venice canal in 2020. Source: unknown

So, there you go, a few ways how COVID-19 is helping our planet. And if you are still worried, let’s try to calm ourselves by believing that in every bad thing there is something good, as in every good thing there is something bad.  

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