How to Clean Your Carpet the Smart Way

No matter how much effort we put into keeping our carpets clean, time will always beat them. As years pass, our carpet endures many challenges: liquids, grease, wax and so on. Fresh spots are the easiest to clean, so be prepared. Here are a few tricks you can use to clean your carpet. Beware though, as all of these will take time and energy.

If time is of bigger value to you, you can always go ahead and hire professional carpet cleaning services.

Carpets have to be cleaned at least on weekly basis, ideally, they should be first vacuum cleaned against the direction of hair and afterwards vice versa. That makes sure dirt and dust deep within is vacuumed. 

Now, if your carpet has a spilled liquid, first use a dry or paper towel to absorb it (we recommend using a towel though – to preserve the environment). It is important notto brush the stain. To up your chances of cleaning it, you can use a leach from a spoon of dish soap and a half a liter of cold water.

If you own a pet, we recommend getting an inwrought carpet with hair not too long. It’s best if the carpet’s made of wool of high-quality synthetics. In case of urination just run straight ahead to the closest cleaning supply shop.

how to clean the carpet

Red wine probably makes the hardest challenge. Ironically, you can use white wine to counter the red stains (or acid water). Be careful to use regular water – elements inside it can make cleaning even more difficult. For the simplest attempt you can try using a laundry soap.

In case of grease spill, first get rid of dirt inside the carpet and only then go for stain removers. Foam variants work best here, as the oxygen in them gets rid of the mess more effectively. In any case, you will almost certainly struggle if the stain isn’t fresh. As a last resort give a shot at pouring some salt and dish soap.

To try your carpet please get them rolled and protect from direct sunlight. A dirty woolen carpet is a fest for bugs – if you discover some eggs inside, use vinegar soak and brush the life out of it.

All of these tips require loads of energy and hours to implement, so the best solution is prevention. Don’t hold drinks, coffee or pizza over your carpet and you won’t have to worry about cleaning or spend money for cleaning services.

Also, the first steps taken for future cleaning are while you’re at a shop choosing your new carpet. If it suits your style, you should choose colors that would make potential spills and grease not so visible. Many people forget about the cleaning procedures that await them, so make a wise choice. 

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