How To Disable Youtube ADS Free

Everyone would probably agree that ads on the YouTube platform are very annoying. However, there is a way to avoid annoying ads. In this article, you will see how to disable ads without using ad blocks or other plugins. So, let’s begin the tutorial on how to disable Youtube ADS.

The easiest way to avoid ads is to subscribe to YouTube Premium, but it’s paid. And how do I turn off ads for free?

disable youtube ads
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Useful tricks shared one of the Reddit users. He found a loophole that allows ads to be blocked on the YouTube platform. And it’s easier to do than you might think. All you have to do is place a dot in the video link box after .com. For example, write a dot at The link will then look like this: Here you go, the video will no longer show ads.

Interestingly, this trick works not only on YouTube but on many other sites as well. According to the Reddit user who discovered this vulnerability, this trick is due to the domain server name. Placing a dot after .com does not match, so only the home page loads without additional features, in this case, ads.

Of course, this gap will not remain unfilled for long. Until then, enjoy videos without ads. You may also be interested in our other article about the useful windows 10 keyboard shortcuts.

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