How To Get Traffic To Your E-Commerce Online Store

E-Commerce Online Stores are currently growing like mushrooms after rain, so competition is growing. Advertising is a must to get the attention of potential buyers. But you have to be smart to advertise effectively. This is a kind of art. In this case, it is not appropriate to say that any advertising is better than none. No owner wants negative results of advertising. So how to get traffic to your E-Commerce online store?

We’ll show you and explain how you can start promoting your e-commerce website on your own. It takes a little knowledge and a lot of creativity for advertising not only to reach people but also to interest them.

How to get traffic from Google

How To Get Traffic
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In the first step, when you start advertising with Google Ads, you need to set up conversion tracking in your online store. This is done depending on how you are going to advertise. This allows you to track which keywords have been used for searches, i.e. which generated purchases and which only increased the total website traffic but didn’t encourage people to buy anything.

This is called smart advertising. In this case, each ad is optimized for its original conversion goal. It can generate new website visitors, phone calls, mobile shoppers.

Visitors who have not bought anything can be included in remarketing campaigns. Repeat the ads designed specifically for them and they are very likely to buy your goods. After all, your e-commerce online store has interested these people.

Of course, it might be that they need more time to decide, they need to be encouraged to buy. In fact, thanks to remarketing, some visitors still come back and become regular customers.

How to get traffic from Facebook?

In order to promote on Facebook, you also need to set up conversion tracking codes, similar to other ad platforms. If you are advertising on the social network Facebook, then you need to install the Facebook Pixel code in the e-shop so that Facebook can track conversions and bring in customers, buyers, not just visitors.

Facebook knows what and what kind of people they like to buy. The system selects relevant potential buyers by their automated algorithm on your website.

Site ads can be displayed both in the news feed as well as in the right sidebar, regardless of whether the person is using a desktop computer or mobile device.

By tracking traffic and conversions, you can see the results of your ad performance and adjust your settings, audiences, banners, and more.

Facebook also offers top quality ad placement for those who want to guarantee that their ad will appear at the top of the news feed or in the right sidebar for target users, or for those who want their ad to appear on a Facebook page after logging out of their profile. When you log out of your Facebook account, a photo with your company logo appears and a search box appears.

Tips to get more traffic

Image advertising is very influential. Using the YouTube channel, Google ads connect users and advertisers from around the world. Video ads allow you to create compelling visual content that helps you stand out, making it easier for people to remember your online store.

Thus, it can be said that by setting up e-commerce conversion tracking correctly, you only have to learn how to set up advertising companies correctly. You can choose from various forms of advertising.

Your goal is to spend as little money as possible and get as much quality traffic as possible. However, to achieve this requires a lot of learning, but learning is not very difficult.

Knowledge comes through practice. You need to spend as much time as possible creating your store’s advertising campaigns, tracking results, making changes, creating new ads, and finding the most suitable combinations of images and headlines. In this way, the results will improve over time. A little patience and time and the e-commerce store will start making a profit.

Do not forget about your web design importance. It has an impact on conversions too. Would you buy something if the website looks old and unattractive?

Ask your clients to make your product review on other websites or youtube. It is very important to get backlinks to your website which means higher Domain Authority.

Write a guest post about your goods or services on the other websites which accept it. This way you can easily get your keyword in a higher position without buying ads!

Advertising creation is a fun activity that requires time, patience, and money. We recommend e-commerce owners to spend time on science, not just buy services from marketers.

Of course, creating more complex ads requires professionals, so it’s really worth working with them. However, no one else is as motivated to make money from advertising money as any owner. The better you know advertising strategies and nuances, you will learn to manage cash flow, and your business will be successful.

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