How To Know If Your Cat Hates You

Some people have dogs, some people have cats… unfortunately, cats are very proud animals and often hate their owners for one reason or another. Some say that cats may even plot to kill you. So here are the top 5 signs to know if your cat hates you.

Running around the house

At first, it may seem that your cat is just playing, but after further examination, you will notice that it has no toys. Your cat is exercising for the moment it will abandon you. Or your body…

kitty preparing
Photo by Sereja Ris on Unsplash

Walking on keyboard

Don’t you hate when your cat strolls over your best gaming keyboard and accidentally writes your crush “I hate you!”? You might be surprised, but this is no accident. Your cat is purposely trying to disrupt your social networks because it hates you.

It’s watching you

Cats often pretend to be sleeping but have one eye open. This way it examines you in your natural routine and tries to spot opportunities to make your life a bit more miserable.

cat hates you
Photo by Ioana Tabarcea on Unsplash

Kitty litter abuse

It happens a lot. Unfortunately, people are naïve and think that cat excessively shoveled kitty litter all over the place because it’s stupid, but the truth is that cats just love watching you break your back collecting its excrements from the floors of the entire room.

Stare, stare, stare!

You may have noticed that your cat is staring at you. Do not look away, because this way you will show your weakness and encourage it to disobey. Or even attack you…

cat staring
Photo by Gabriel on Unsplash

So here are the top 5 signs to know if your cat hates you. I hope this article has opened your eyes to what’s happening right under your nose. Just make sure to not let your cat know this, because otherwise, it may develop even more aggressive strategies to spy on you, make your life harder, hurt you, or even kill you.

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