How To Make CBD Oil: The Extraction Process

If cannabis is not only fibrous but also medical, then THC oil is produced in the same way, it all depends on the type of cannabis you will use. The process is simple, you can make CBD oil in your kitchen without the hassle.

Like cannabinoid, cannabidiol (CBD) is insoluble in water, but alcohol pulls everything from the plant. Therefore, it is best to buy 95% alcohol, which is guaranteed to leave no harmful substances in your oil.

How To Make CBD Oil
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People produce this oil with not only nutritional spirits but also with spirits that are poisonous to humans simply by evaporating it. For the sake of simplicity and peace of mind, we recommend making CBD oil only with grain spirit.

You will also need some hemp rings. Fibrous or seminal. Most cannabis is cultivated for its THC content, but such cannabis is not recommended for CBD oil production because it contains much more THC than CBD and will simply get THC oil instead of CBD.

Before starting the extraction process, it is important to know how the oil will be used. If you intend to eat CBD oil or drip under the tongue, then you need to heat all plant material well before the process. As a result, cannabinoid acid CBDA with the help of the heat converts to the desired CBD molecule. In the extraction process, the temperatures will not be higher than what is required for the flammable alcohol to evaporate.

Having already discussed these important details, we go into the manufacturing process. So how to make CBD oil?


  • About 30g / 1.05 oz of crushed dried hemp flowers, or 60-100g of crushed dried hemp leaves;
  • The high concentration of nutritional spirits.


  • Mixing vessel;
  • Filters for strain off (linen cloth or densely knotted metal mesh);
  • Vessel for larger particles;
  • Double boiler (2 pans and/or pots in one, with space between them);
  • Wooden spoon;
  • Spatula;
  • Syringe;
  • Nutritional spirits.

CBD Oil making step 1

How To Make CBD Oil
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First, place the chopped blossoms and/or leaves in a mixing bowl and add enough alcohol to completely sink the plant material. Stir everything in a wooden spoon for 5 minutes. During that time, alcohol will remove most of the CBD, terpenes and other active cannabis substances. Stirring will speed up this process and break down the trichomes, which contain high concentrations of the substances we want.

CBD Oil making step 2

It will be necessary to separate the CBD alcohol concentrate from the plant material. Put everything through a grid or linen cloth into the vessel. You will notice that the alcohol has a dark green color. Repeat the first step a few more times with fresh alcohol to remove as much material as possible from the plant. When you see that the spirit remains translucent, it is a sign that you have removed almost all the alcohol-soluble substances from the plant.

CBD Oil making step 3

Now it is time to make a double boiler. If you do not already have such a device, the easy way to make it yourself is to fill the bottom of the frying pan with water and then place a container (best suited is stainless steel) that sits inside but does not touch the bottom of the frying pan.
Pour the alcohol extract into the pan and slowly turn on the heating. Keep the fire tiny as needed – turn it off completely, then turn it on again when the CBD oil extract has cooled. Be aware that strong alcohol is a highly flammable liquid and will evaporate even at low temperatures. It is very important that the alcohol vapor does not come into contact with the open fire during this process, as there may be a small explosion, you may burn and burn your home. Ideally, this should be done under a hood, in a well-ventilated area, or outdoors. Alcohol vapor is invisible to the naked eye, and when you see the fire it is too late.

Do not stop mixing the extract for about 15-20 minutes until the alcohol evaporates. The potion should become very elastic.

CBD Oil making step 4

Once all the alcohol has evaporated, the CBD extract should be thickened. While it is still warm and not hardened, collapse all liquid into the syringe. This will allow you to store and dispense it easily. Store in a cool, dark place. So, here is a clear tutorial on how to make CBD oil.

Characteristics of household CBD Oil

This method of making CBD oil produces a very potent full-spectrum CBD oil. This means that it contains not only CBD but also many other molecules with unique, well-being properties, like the terpenes of the aromatic molecule.
You will also notice that this CBD oil has a particularly thick consistency and a green-brown color. It will look different than most oils you have seen in stores. This is because alcohol extraction also removes waxes, lipids, and chlorophyll from the plant material, which is found in the oil along with CBDs, terpenes, and other molecules. If you want to consume this oil just by eating it, you will need to preheat it. Or just bake cookies with it.

WARNING: Irresponsible preparation of this oil can result in self-harm, injury to others, destruction of property, and all kinds of damage. As a result, responsibility ultimately falls on everyone. We are not advising to make home oil without professional supervision and appropriate equipment. This article is for informational purposes only to show you how easy it is to make oil and that it is available to anyone.

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