How To Use Useless Book. Top 10 Ideas.

Sometimes in life you think to yourself if it is possible to use useless book that you have found yourself to have. It may be Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” or Lenin’s writings, or maybe just an old boring book that nobody would want to read. Despite the book having poor content you cannot forget that some trees have given their lives for it, so it would be a crime to not try to recycle it. Therefore, the Techolala team have prepared you with some useful tips what to do in such a scenario.

Make a secret compartment

There are a lot of movies where the protagonist hollows out the useless book to hide valuables or even a flask inside. It is not that difficult and you can do it as a fun weekend project too!

use useless book
Book with a secret compartment. Source:

Use a useless book to secure wobbly shelf

One of the common ways to use a useless book is to stuff it under the wobbly shelf. You can tear out some pages to adjust the needed height. Nonetheless, it seems nice to have a book supporting other books. Like a circle of life.

Use it as a wallpaper

Not as a computer wallpaper of course but for covering actual walls. It may be astounding if the book contains some nice pictures or if it is a poetry album. It is as giving a second life to an old book, as someone may actually read it sometime.

use useless book
Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

Sell it!

Maybe this book seems useless only for you. You could try to sell it online. You may be surprised by how many people are interested in useless books.

Use the useless book as kindling

If you like to light up a fire, you may want to use the paper as the kindling. One more tip: old yellowed paper works better than the new white one because the latter has a lot of impurities.

It’s a heavy book.

One more way to use useless book would be as a heavy object. You may use it to press down parts that you are gluing, or maybe make a dumbbell out of books. That way your workout would become smart workout 🙂

book dumbbell
Dumbbell made out of books. Source:

Sound absorbing room dividers

If you have a lot of books, you could use them to create a wall in your room to divide it. Books are known to absorb sound well, which could be beneficial. Or maybe you could use them as plain sound absorbers for your homemade sound recording studio.

Try to sell it again

If you have a lot of books, your local recycling center might be interested in buying them for recycling. Just don’t expect a fortune.

Make an artwork

There are many cases where people build or carve something nice out of books. It may be well used for your next art project.

Wipe your butt

This one is kind of extreme, but in the case of an emergency, it would do the trick. And if you hate the book, you will feel quite an enjoyment.

book wipe
The point is similar. Source:

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