Improve Internet Speed Following These Simple Steps

Just admit it, network lags suck. And if you are experiencing some, you definitely want to improve internet speed, it is not 1995 after all. Some researchers even claim that network lags may increase anger and stress levels in an individual. Maybe you are a gamer and want to play with your friends. Maybe you just want to watch some 4K movies on Netflix? Or maybe you just want to ease up boredom? No matter the reason, it is everyone’s right to have a decent internet connection, so keep reading in order to solve your problems.

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Determine the cause of the lag

First and foremost, it is important to determine the cause of your network lag in order to improve internet speed as soon as possible. This will probably save you some money as well.

So, the first thing you should do is determine whether it is really the internet connection that is lagging and not your PC, smartphone or any other kind of device. You see, some devices, especially the older ones have a tendency to lag on themselves and this may just look like a slow internet connection. So, if you have only one device, ask your friend with a decent device to come over and test your internet speed using an online speed tester. If it is still the internet, keep on reading

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Secure your connection to improve internet speed

Another common problem is the wireless connection not being secure. Setting up a password for your Wi-Fi connection is the crucial step not only for improving internet speed but also for the security of your own.

A lot of hackers are looking to gain access to various unsecured Wi-Fi networks in order to gain control of it, or maybe steal some of your personal data like credit card numbers, your passwords, account information, cellphone number, or any other data that you may put online. As you can imagine these things can be sold in a black market for a hefty profit, while you can have a lot of trouble regarding legal matters.

Also, your neighbor might start downloading some useless crap on your gaming session or even commit piracy. That is a federal offense by the way. So, in order to avoid any unwanted traffic via your network, you should set up a password for your router. You can do that by following the routers user manual or watching a video online. All routers have a similar simple procedure, so it will not take much time, but benefits are granted.

Router location is important

Speaking of routers, you should be aware of where is yours located. Wi-Fi, in general, is quite a strong signal technology, so it will not have much trouble reaching every corner of the average house when the router is placed in the middle of it. Unless of course, you have placer your router in the basement, or you live in the mansion.

You should be able to determine the strength of your Wi-Fi signal by looking at the icon on your device. As we know, a strong Wi-Fi signal helps to improve internet speed. So, If the Wi-Fi signal is, in fact, weak, you should either move closer to the router or move the router closer to you.

Of course, that is not always possible. In that case, you should consider installing some Wi-Fi repeaters in your household. Especially if your house is a large one, or maybe if it is possible, connect your device to the router via LAN cable.

Maybe it is time for a hardware update

There is a possibility that your router is outdated as well. With technology like 5G coming already some old modems and routers are just not designed to handle high internet speeds of today. Also, they tend to give a weaker signal and that alone might give you troubles, as we discussed before.

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Therefore, you should do some research about your router and find out whether it is the main reason why your internet sucks. Improving internet speed might be as simple as buying a new router.

Disabling background thieves will help to improve internet speed  

Since modern apps may steal not only your time but also your internet speed, one of the things you should definitely check is whether or not you have any of them running on your device that may use the internet. Usually, a PC will have antivirus software that occasionally will update itself. This may cause some issues as the computer will prioritize it over any game or video you are watching.

But there may also be a load of potentially unwanted applications on your device that are either communicating with their server constantly or even hackers. Therefore, for example, if you are using Windows, you should open Task Manager and observe if there are any network actions when you are doing nothing. Also, it is a good idea to make sure you do not have any applications installed that you believe shouldn’t be there.  Doing so may improve internet speed quite a lot.

Dealing with Internet Service Provider

If your internet is still too slow, you should contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and find out what plan do you have. Maybe it hasn’t been updated in ages.

Furthermore, some ISP’s are just incapable of providing you the full speed during peak hours. It goes without saying that you should look for another ISP in this case.

At this age there are plenty of internet providers, so you have to look up every single one of them and carefully choose as internet service plans usually go with a lengthy contract. You do not want to sign up for a crappy ISP, do you?


In today’s world, there is no fun without a speedy internet. So once you fixed your connection, go ahead and have some fun!

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