Is Artificial Intelligence is Stealing Our Jobs and Safety or Working For and Protecting Us?

What AI really is?

In science fiction stories or movies we often see artificial intelligence (AI) as powerful robots that are capable of independent thought, feelings, learning, and decisions. To this day it has remained a Sci-Fi, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have any form of AI in on our daily routine. From Google’s predictive search algorithms to self-driving Tesla cars, or even SIRI in your iPhone – these are all examples of how AI has gotten in our everyday life. Of course, why stop there when everything is going great?

what is Artificial Intelligence

Why is it worrying?

AI we have today is known as weak AI, because it is designed and capable of doing only one specific task, like facial recognition or color restoration in old black and white movies. However, many researchers, just like ordinary people have fantasies about autonomous robots, which requires another category of AI known as strong AI. While weak AI could outperform humans in one single task, like solving algebra equations, strong AI is speculated and aspired to outperform humans in any kind of task from driving a car to creating art. The only reason why humans have concurred Earth is their superior intelligence, so think what would happen if there were something (or maybe I should say someone) smarter than us in every way?

Can it be dangerous?

It’s not just you or me that are worried about the future of AI and the human race. A respectable businessman and inventor Elon Musk have once said: “With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon”. However, this bold quote might be an overkill. You see, there are very few ways that AI could be destructive. Currently, the most concerning way is that it could be used in autonomous weapons (yes, kind of like in The Terminator). Such an application would possibly cause a similar arms race like one that has happened during the Cold War. Another way could be if AI is created to serve people, but instead, it develops its own consciousness and decides to overthrow its master, for example in an autonomous passenger plane. But both these scenarios seem unlikely. We, humans, have already stopped one arms race and in autonomous machines, we could include an automated protection switches that would turn of, restart or fix AI program in some kind of way. Yet, we still should be careful with our creations.

what is Artificial Intelligence

Is it a risky gamble? What’s the future of AI integration?

Like everything in life AI has its risks and benefits, in wrong hands, it is possible that autonomous killing machines may be built,  but if we’ll use that technology in the right way, it could do all the work for us, imagine if you would not have to worry about bills, food, and clothing ever again, and finally do whatever you have always wanted to do. There probably would not even be a reason to go to war ever again. One more point is that strong AI is not so easy to develop, so people will have some time to understand what a powerful tool they have at their disposal and will learn to use it responsibly. After all, AI might turn out to be an extraordinary improvement to the quality of our life.

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