Laptop or Desktop Computer Should I Choose: Main Tips

If you ask your children what kind of new computer they want, they will probably get an answer in an instant – a laptop, of course. But is it really appropriate everywhere? Why less comfortable desktop computers still being produced? So what computer should I choose? This article should help answer that.

Differences between a laptop and a desktop computer

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A desktop computer is not always faster than laptops. However, the relationship between price and technical parameters is always on the side of the desktop computer.

So if the most important thing for you is the price, a desktop computer is always a better choice.

It is not just because you can buy a desktop computer cheaper. It is much cheaper to repair and upgrade a desktop computer – it is easier to disassemble, replace or upgrade more parts than a laptop.

Not to mention that it is much easier to clean when dust builds up. All of these benefits are not suitable for all-in-one desktops – they are usually easier to repair and upgrade than laptops.

The advantages of a laptop are that it is portable. It can be carried and used anywhere, without charging wires and a considerable amount of equipment can be used for some time even where there is no electricity. Often this is an advantage that decides everything, but not everywhere.

A laptop or desktop computer in the office

If you work in a job where you spend more time traveling or moving from one business unit to another or continue working from home, then you definitely need a laptop.

But if you spend practically all your time at your desk, then a desktop computer has its advantages. A large monitor at eye level and a keyboard are much more comfortable than a laptop compressed in one place – an ergonomically much better solution is a desktop computer. A more comfortable workplace, a healthier spine, and a high-resolution large monitor make many tasks more convenient and faster.

Laptop or desktop computer for studies

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If a computer is needed for a student who needs to carry a computer as a study tool, then everything is very simple – only a laptop is suitable.

However, if you are choosing a computer for a student (especially a younger one), then you should think carefully before purchasing a computer.

A laptop can easily slip out of your hands, and repairs can be very expensive or financially useless altogether. Kids like to carry computers where they need to and where they do not really need to.

The laptop can quickly overheat by leaving it on a bed or other soft surface. Not to mention that they are usually not resistant to either any liquid.

Replacing a desktop keyboard is much easier and cheaper than repairing a laptop. You just need to change the keyboard, but on the laptop, it can make damage to the other expensive parts. I do not say that it is going to happen for you, but sometimes it can accidentally happen.

The convenience of work and learning should not be forgotten. As already mentioned, a desktop computer is much more ergonomic – it is easier to maintain the correct posture when working with it, and at the same time the eyes suffer a little less. Discipline is also developed – when the child has his / her workplace and does not lie in bed preparing lessons.

If you need a powerful and easy-to-service device choose a desktop computer

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In this case, the advantage should be given to a desktop computer. If necessary, a desktop computer can be upgraded by replacing old components with more efficient ones.

In this case, you can significantly increase the speed of your computer without a large investment. The ability to upgrade your laptop is more limited. Replacing laptop parts with more efficient ones is in many cases quite difficult due to the design features of the models.

Laptop repairs are quite expensive than a desktop computer, and all components are easily tested and replaced with defective ones. A laptop most of the components are integrated and this is why it hard to replace them.

Laptop components are much more expensive due to their miniature size. Repair difficulties can also arise because components may be difficult to find, usually for older models. As a result, desktop repairs and cost are much lower than a laptop.

If you need everywhere you go choose a laptop

In this case, it is much better than the desktop computer due to its small size and the ability to operate with the battery, not using any wire. Another advantage of a laptop is its ability to connect to the internet wirelessly wherever where can be found wireless internet.

Unlike desktop computers, laptops are relatively small in size and weigh only about 2-4 pounds. It is can not even be compared to desktop computers.

There are laptop models that do not weigh as much as 2 pounds, but such models do not have high functionality and can perform only minimal functions.

To sum up: Laptop or Desktop Computer

Before buying computer equipment, the most important thing is to decide for what purpose you are buying it.

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If you need fast internet access, it is better to choose a desktop computer because the mobile internet will be much more expensive. If speed is not particularly important and you need to have the Internet always at hand wherever you are, it is worth choosing a laptop that can provide Internet access with the ability to send and receive relatively small amounts of information.

If you need to work with large video and photo files, you should choose a desktop computer. The laptop will simply not handle such tasks. If you enjoy watching videos while traveling – a laptop is irreplaceable.

If you like computer games you should also choose a model from desktop computers as they have many more options. Only for simple games, a laptop will suffice.

From all this information about what computer should I choose, it can be concluded that desktops mean power and performance, while laptops mean mobility and freedom of movement.

A home computer-primarily a professional work machine designed to perform complex tasks. Laptops – are more helpers in simple tasks. The active development of the portable computer market is constantly adding new possibilities to their capabilities and with each year they can do more and more.

Are you going to buy a computer? Not sure which one to choose? We are providing the main pros and cons of a laptop and a desktop computer.

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