Make Hand Sanitizer Yourself. Cheap And Effective

When all this hype is going around, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could make a hand sanitizer yourself?

As we have witnessed during the crisis of COVID-19 proper hand hygiene is the key to stopping an outbreak. However, a lot of people either do not have access to soap and water during activity in public, or are unable to get hand sanitizer because of skyrocketing prices, or just because there is none left.

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But do not worry, as the Techolala team is bringing you the knowledge of how to make hand sanitizer by yourself.  Make sure you sanitize (or at least clean thoroughly) all of your kitchen utensils before you start.

Also, the WHO recommends you leave your mixture to sit for about three days to fully settle and kill any germs that might come into your DIY sanitizer, so make sure to make hand sanitizer before you actually need it.

Things that matter the most.

If you do not have soap, you will need alcohol. It might be isopropanol or ethanol. It does not make much difference. But what matters is the strength of your product as well as raw material.

According to WHO as well as CDC, sanitizer must be at least 60% alcohol by volume to be effective. So, just to be safe, try to make it at least 70%.

As for the raw materials, no matter how high your hopes are, vodka just won’t be enough. You need some strong stuff, like 99% rubbing alcohol or 190 proof Everclear. This might be the time your moonshiner friend might come in handy.

make hand sanitizer
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A few notes regarding safety

First of all, we will be dealing with alcohol. They are known to be highly flammable liquids, as well as poisonous. Therefore, you should make sure there is no open flame in the room you are making your product. Also, the room must be well ventilated to avoid possible alcohol poisoning by vapor.

Secondly, alcohols are quite well solvents – they may dissolve lacquer of the table and furniture as well as your brain cells. So make sure to avoid alcohol contacting any of them. Of course, mistakes happen. If it happened to you, just clean it with water as soon as possible.

And lastly, if alcohol catches on fire, make sure to not pour water on it, as water will only disperse flames into a larger area. Throw a towel, preferably wet, on top of flaming liquid instead or use a proper fire extinguisher.


Washing hands with soap and water are the fastest, cleanest and most effective option. You should use sanitizer only if there is no other way.

Quick and easy recipe to make hand sanitizer like in the store

  • Alcohol
  • Gel agent
  • Essential oil (optional)

You need to mix three parts of alcohol into one part of the gelling agent like Aloe Vera gel. A few drops of your favorite essential oil can be added. It may boost your morale in a dire situation.

This recipe will result in a gel-like sanitizer like in the store. If you don’t like that gel stuff, keep on reading as there is one cleaner, but a more complex way of making things work.

A recipe to make hand sanitizer spray

  • Alcohol more than 90% strength
  • Glycerin
  • Hydrogen peroxide 3%
  • Distilled or boiled cool water.

Although Aloe Vera gel sanitizer works as well, this one is recommended by the WHO. Plus, your hands will not be as sticky, so it is worth giving a shot.

Take 12 fl. oz. of alcohol (you can use an empty soda can for measuring) and add 2 teaspoons of glycerin. Pour one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. Then top it off with 3 fl. oz. (or about 5 tablespoons) of water.

Now, just pour it into a spray bottle and let it sit, and go do some other fun thing

You can use this formula to spay directly on your hands, or you can use it along with a paper towel as a surface sanitizer.

A few notes: Glycerin is quite important in this recipe because it keeps your hands moisturized and prevents skin from drying out. You cannot use 70% rubbing alcohol for this recipe, because it will be not effective.

What if I want to make hand sanitizer, but only have alcohol?

Well, both recipes were created in order to make a sanitizer that is easy to use. In the direst situation you can use pure alcohol to sanitize your hands. But be aware that if used frequently, pure alcohol will make your hand skin dry and prone to chapping which might lead to infection. So it would be best to use some kind of moisturizing cream afterward. Various vegetable oils and pork fat or beef tallow will work as good.

Keep your hands clean and your mind occupied. This way we will get through it. Stay safe.

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