“Microsoft” Announces the Grand Goal of Cleaning Up the Carbon Dioxide Emissions of All Its Activities Created

Microsoft has announced that it will seek to reduce its carbon footprint, and eventually even begin to remove it from the environment. This is how the company will grow by 2030 plans to become a carbon negative company and to eliminate all carbon dioxide produced directly or through electricity since its inception in 1975 by 2050.

Grand Goal of Cleaning Up the Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Source: greenmatch.co.uk

Removing carbon dioxide from the environment and reducing the use of fossil fuels is called carbon negative. Microsoft considers such a strategy to be most effective in minimizing the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The company, together with the international community, encourages as many businesses as possible to adopt this business model.

“While the world will necessarily need to achieve zero carbon emissions, those who can afford to move in this direction should do so now. That is why we are announcing the ambitious goal of reducing and eventually eliminating the CO2 footprint of Microsoft. By 2030 the company’s emissions will be negative and by 2050 we will remove all the gas we emit from the environment since the company’s inception in 1975, ” said Brad Smith, president of Microsoft.

Grand Goal of Cleaning Up the Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Source: Microsoft.com


Not only did the company set an objective, but it also made a specific program to reduce carbon emissions by more than half in the company’s direct operations and throughout the production chain. The company invests in research to identify the areas with the highest emissions and therefore the most demanding activities. It also announced a new initiative inviting suppliers and customers of the company to leverage Microsoft technology to reduce their own carbon footprint. The point is to reduce unsafe emissions throughout the production chain.

The company has also set up a $ 1 billion Climate Innovation Fund to invest in ideas that accelerate the global development of carbon reduction, capture and sequestration technologies. Starting next year, Microsoft will integrate carbon reduction into the procurement process, publicly support and actively engage in initiatives to accelerate the sustainable operation of businesses

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