The Dangers of Sitting to Your Health: Do you sit at work or home most time of your day? It Equates to Smoking!

When you get home after a hard day at work, you fall on the couch or stretch out in a comfortable chair, and then spend the whole evening there until you get ready for sleep.

This type of recreation is probably a common scenario for every person. But the bad news is that with longer sitting, intense sports will no longer help your health. In addition, very soon you will be at increased risk of developing 40 chronic diseases and life will be dramatically shortened.

The main diseases of Sitting

What happens in the body when we allow ourselves to sit comfortably in one place for too long and how it affects life expectancy:

  • Lose muscle mass;
  • Muscles will no longer be able to make good use of glucose;
  • Glucose stores will accumulate as fat in muscle and liver;
  • The liver will begin to produce very poor low-density fat and triglycerides;
  • Systemic inflammation will begin in the fat reserve;
  • Muscles will stop producing about 300 natural drugs – myokines;
  • Lack of myokines and systemic inflammation will weaken the immune system, increasing the risk of about 40 chronic diseases;
  • The cells of the body will begin to work more oxygen-free, resulting in an increase in the acidic intercellular medium that will stimulate the growth of the cancer cells;
  • Muscular weakness and reduced metabolism will undoubtedly lead to the loss of the brain, which will not want to move at all but will prefer sweet and fatty foods;
  • Medication will improve your quality of life a little, you will calm down and you will sit still;
  • All of this will stimulate you to look for a more comfortable chair as you run away from stress.  However, this is only a hoax, although there is a good thing – things will accelerate. This means you will not have to sit down too long! You can say that you will actually escape from a bad, stressful life!

Getting up every half an hour is a must

Muscle mass and their endurance are reduced due to human passivity. A chair or sofa is one of the places where we damage our muscles.

The medical journal “Lancet” has written numerous articles that such sitting or physical inactivity is a huge scourge that affects 40 chronic illnesses. It shortens life, reduces its quality, and subsequently increases the cost of treatment. Sitting in a chair or couch with a backrest, working on a laptop, or even driving a machine, is bad for our health, as the back muscles do not work at all. Therefore, it is better to sit on a chair that has no backrest.

Even not long sitting is harmful. With just 30 minutes of sitting, the body begins to fade away. But the solution is to not get lazy and stand up after half an hour, take some steps. Then you can sit back for a moment.

Studies show that sitting for about 4 hours a day without interruption does not cause major damage to the body. However, if we sit for 5-6 hours or more during the day, the daily sport after work will not help, even you will do sitting breaks.

Another big mistake is to come home after the workday and sit until you are ready to go to bed.

The worst option is when we sit for more than 5 hours in the afternoon after returning from work. Let’s say you come back at 7 pm and you sitting and watching TV until midnight when you go to bed. In this case, even if a person is exercising intensively during the day and eating healthy, it will no longer be possible to prevent 40 chronic illnesses.

Therefore, it is important to remember that you can sit for up to 3 hours in the evening.

However, it is sometimes the case that a person wants to exercise, but when you start to move, it hurts the back, legs or other muscles. Therefore, the easier option is simply not to play sports.

Some doctors will tell you that the cause of the pain does not diminish. But others say it can restore joint or cartilage work.

Exercise vigorously for at least 300 minutes a week.

How can you save your health from the dangers of sitting?
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When you sit for a long time, your muscles are no longer able to use glucose. Are you wondering why this happens?

Muscles are the largest organ in the body, so they use the most energy when they work. The main energy is rapidly absorbed in the form of glucose. If we eat, especially sweet food, and then sit, lie down and not walk, glucose from the stomach goes into the circulatory system. It is not absorbed by the muscle because it is passive, which reduces insulin sensitivity to glucose. In other words, muscle is no longer able to utilize glucose, derived from food.

This kind of glucose spins a few wheels in the body, no one uses it, then the body thinks it needs to be put in reserve. What does this mean? That it is deposited in adipose tissues.

Little by little, the body begins to form fat cells and grow fat. If the muscle does not use glucose, both external and internal obesity begins. It is for this reason that after a meal, it is a necessity to move to release the stomach nutrients where they are needed.

In addition, the liver works much worse when we are not moving. Sports release substances that promote metabolism.

Even more, if we move, healthy substances are released not only from the liver but also from the fat cells. When exercising, our body begins to talk: skeletal muscle through myokines with adipose tissue, liver.

Good substances continue to travel throughout the body and stimulate metabolism, oxygen processes, suppress inflammation, improve breathing, prevent the growth of cancer cells, and accumulate stress. This makes the body more resistant to both disease and obesity.

How can you save your health from the dangers of sitting?

Therefore, according to the latest recommendations, at least 300 minutes of exercise per week is required to protect against 40 chronic diseases. However, slow walks are not included, in this time – the body needs moderate to high-intensity workouts. Such as to really sweat. In addition, at least 40 minutes of exercise per week should be given to strengthening the muscles.

Change your behavior at work

  • Start using stairs instead of the lift.
  • Do not e-mail or write through slack for the colleges if you can walk to them.
  • Walk somewhere for a few minutes every few hours even if you do not need to go anywhere.
  • On your break time, find some time to get out of the office and get fresh air.

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