The Importance Of Backlinks – Top 10 Mistakes

Backlinks – generally speaking, are active links to your website or blog. The more of them, the higher quality they are, the more useful they are to your site.

There is “do follow” and “no follow” backlink types. The first, for search engine robots, is that the active link needs to be captured and counted for all the benefits it brings. The second is to indicate that the link does not need to be counted or the site that contains the link does not want to transfer its authority to the landing page.

Of course, search engine crawlers count all the links, just as we have already described, some do not bring that much benefit.

Why do you need backlinks? What is its importance?

As you understand from the first paragraph, backlinks bring benefits. They directly influence a website’s search engine rankings. The more quality backlinks your project has, the better position it can rank in the search engine. So you need as many high-quality do-follow backlinks as possible.

How do I understand if a link is useful? First of all, the content of the “donor” site. Ideally, links from websites with similar content are coming to your project. Obviously, getting such links is not easy, but it does bring great benefits.

Backlinks still have anchor text. What is it and how useful is it? Anchor text for search engine page indexing robots shows you which keyword to add an extra plus. For example, If you are collecting backlinks from articles, then the link “SEO Tips” to search engine robots indicates that this site recommends “” and needs to position it in the search for the keyword “SEO Tips”.

Just do not overdo it with anchor text. Google’s crawlers are smart and will quickly see that all links recommend only a few keywords that are most useful to you. Be smart and include different phrases or a few words in your anchor text. Different anchor texts will look more natural.

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How to collect backlinks?

There are many ways to collect backlinks. As you already understand, articles can be used. Collecting backlinks using articles is one of the most popular, so the only tip is to carefully select where the articles are published. Rate the overall view of the site as well as PA, DA, MOZ rank, PageRank data.

How to get a higher position in search engines

You have probably read many times what you should do on your site to get higher positions in search engine rankings. But do you know what are the biggest mistakes that should be avoided that simply “kill” your site’s SEO optimization process?

TOP 10 SEO Optimization Mistakes:

  1. Avoid duplicate content found on other sites. Google highly values ​​websites with a lot of content, but it must first and foremost be unique and relevant to the theme of your site. If the content is prepared for you by SEO writers, you can always check its uniqueness with the Plagiarism checker tool. This will always protect you from poor quality work.
  2. Under no circumstances do not make a “childish” mistake hiding links to other sites on your site. For such things, Google will eventually eliminate you from the search results.
  3. Do not buy 1000 links for $ 5 and do not think your site is going to “top” now! Google likes natural link growth and is very active in fighting unnatural links. For this fight, it specifically released an update to its search engine named “Penguin”.
  4. Do not use a single “anchor text” or phrase to create internal links on your site. By doing this, you are just firing a red signal at the search engine and all your SEO optimization on the website can go a long way!
  5. Do not go for high page rank links, but rather consider domain authority, which is a much more important factor in ranking a website in the search engine rank. By the way, Domain Authority is updated approximately every 3 months. You can check the Domain Authority by using a free check tool. In general, when designing your site’s external link network, think of QUALITY, not QUANTITY. Avoid leaving your links on sites that are irrelevant to the content on your site.
  6. Do not buy “already raised sites” with keywords in your domain that are simply filled with low-value content with many keywords. It used to work, now Google is penalizing it. The keyword in your domain becomes less and less important for your sites ranking in search. Remember, high-quality content is king.
  7. Do not constantly change the title of your site or the navigation of your site. These are just “gripping” you in the lower positions from which it will not be easy to get up.
  8. Do not use JavaScript navigation that can not be crawled by Google, Yahoo or any other search engine.
  9. Do not share links with anyone. First, make sure it will be useful or harmful to you. Remember that even a single backlink from a low-quality website that has no search engine authority or uses prohibited SEO optimization techniques can have a very strong impact on your search results.
  10. When creating a new website, do not use the site submission tools for Google search. Better get one high-quality link from a serious site and you will be featured in Google search within a week or more. Of course, make sure that the link to your site is really from an authoritative site.
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So do not make the mistakes and success listed above for better search engine rankings!

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