The Pros and Cons of Marriage: Charles Darwin in 1838 Tried to Logically Decide Whether He Should Marry

Charles Darwin is one of the most exceptional researchers ever, creator of the hypothesis of evolution. Only a couple of people realize that at his young age he confronted both exhaust and medical issues. For those reasons, he needed to think well about marrying.

Charles Darwin

Born in 1809, Darwin was invited on an impressive expedition around the world by HMS Beagle in 1831. The expedition lasted five years and during this time Darwin worked extensively on the shore to gather data on the geology and wildlife of our planet. Upon his return, he undertook writing and editing. He was constantly pressured by deadlines. By then he had formulated a transmutation hypothesis, but in 1837 he felt an uncomfortable area of ​​the heart and doctors ordered him to pause.

In 1837 Darwin’s heart struck, 1838 the digestive system. And everything is to blame for overworking. So, at the time, Darwin was thinking a lot about his own life and marriage. Only is it worth marrying when the only thing you have passion for is science?
So, Darwin started to think logically. In two columns, entitled “Marry” and “Don’t Marry,” he wrote down the pros and cons of marriage. Benefits – The wife is a constant companion and friend at old age – “even better than a dog,” the researcher wrote. Disadvantages – less money left for books and “terrible loss of time”. Darwin looked at these notes and decided it was worth marrying. Behind her cousin.

emma darwin

In 1839 Darwin married his real cousin Emma Wedgwood. Do not rush to condemn – knowledge of incest was very limited at that time. Many people marry close relatives to keep family wealth within the family. This practice became condemned only in the late 19th and early 20th century when more and more people saw congenital malformations, which can be attributed to the relentless marriage with relatives in every generation (a problem still living in remote communities and in the Islamic world). Darwin did not know it as well as we know. On the other hand, as soon as one of his children became ill, he feared that poor children’s health was the result of incest.

The couple had 10 children – 2 died in infancy, Annie died at 10. Darwin was a good and attentive father. His children grew up into scientists, economists and other respected professions. Darwin also addressed one of his last words to his family – “I am not afraid of death at all – Remember what a good wife you were for me – Tell all my children how good they were to me.”

Darwin died in 1882 at the age of 73. His wife, Emma Darwin, turned 88 and died in 1896.

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