The Review of Citroën Ami: New Cheap Electric Vehicle

Citroën Ami is a new electric city car that will hit the market this summer. This is not just a concept – it will soon be available to anyone. We emphasize to everyone. Let’s see the review of Citroën Ami.

Citroën Ami Review

citroen ami review

Citroën Ami is an electric car for the 21st-century youngster. For a mobile person who is concerned about the future of the planet, he lives in the city and has no money. At the same time, it is an electric car for everyone, because technically the Ami is not even a real car – it will be possible to drive in just 16 years. This versatility, of course, has its drawbacks.

The double Ami is 2.41 meters / 7.9 ft long and weighs 485 kg/ 1070 lbs. Underneath the floor of this car is a 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery, which should last for 70 km. Europeans living in cities rarely travel as much as 30 kilometers a day, so Ami batteries will really last a lot. The smaller battery allows you to offer a lower price and the car recharges in just 3 hours from a regular home outlet.

The maximum speed of the Ami is 45 km / h – 28 mph. Of course not much, but Ami is a city car. The car itself is easy to park, completely quiet and unsightly, as the internet users have decided. On the other hand, buyers will be able to choose from four colors – gray, orange, blue and beige.

By the way, when it comes available, you could purchase the  Citroën Ami on the internet. You will come to the page, place Ami in the shopping cart and it will arrive at your door when the time comes. Of course, if you are old-fashioned, you can also buy this car in a regular salon. Or in the supermarket – Citroën plans to sell these cars at various stores as well.

Price of Citroën Ami

citroen ami

The Citroën Ami will cost € 6,000. True, Citroën thinks that more people will want to rent this car, which can be done by paying € 2,644 and then paying €  20 a month. Also, Ami will be available through car-sharing services. Citroën says it is cheaper to drive this car than public transport. It is cheap to charge, for example, at work or public places.

The Citroën Ami is as practical as you can expect. The front seats can be adjusted to each other, there is plenty of room for small things in the cabin. It has a small boot in the back for items.

Will Citroën Ami succeed?

Really so. This is a cheap and fun urban electric vehicle for those who do not remember the roads to gas stations. The Ami will charge at home like a computer or phone. It is just another device in the pocket of smart youth. Especially since the only real competitor of Citroën Ami is the Renault Twizy, which is far less practical.

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