The Secret Of How To Get Organic Traffic: Top 10 Methods

Do you have a new website, blog or might have for a while, but you do not get any organic traffic? We will tell you the main secret of how to get organic traffic and its top 10 advice.

Update Your Content Regularly

All search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.) like and rate websites that update their content frequently and regularly. Such sites have the ability to rank higher in search engine results than sites with static content that is stable over a long period of time. So you have to regularly write a new article or other new information. Also, guest posts are needed in order to grow up in search engines.

Guest Posts Writing

Guest posts are usually 500-1000 word text that is written on a topic relevant to the idea of ​​the page using keywords. SEO writings should not only target search engines but also visitors, so sentences should be coherent and all text relevant and consistent.

It is not advisable to use too many keywords in the text. The number of keywords in your essay should not exceed 2 percent. Otherwise, search engines can negatively assess this and do more harm than good.

Also, texts that use up to 2 percent of the keywords are read naturally by regular visitors and they have no doubt that the text was written to the search engine. If you are WordPress and have installed Yoast SEO plugin which we recommend, at the end of the article you can check your SEO score and improvements you need to do.

SEO articles are used not only to fill company information but also to get do-follow backlinks. This is one of the most effective ways to create links to your website. Although this method is not recognized by Google, it is very useful and difficult to recognize for Google. Such articles with backlinks can be hosted on various paid and free article directories, private high Page Rank (PR) blog networks and other reputable sites which have high domain authority. Domain Authority can be checked by online tools.

Top 10 Tips for Successful SEO Text

  • Make sure you use the most important keywords in your text title;
  • Do not limit the length of all articles to 500-1000 words: Texts longer than 1500 words statistically collapse more organic visitors;
  • When placing an article on your site, please note that the Meta Title and Meta Description tags are correctly filled in using keywords and are informative;
  • In the article, highlight the main keyword once or twice;
  • Insert images containing the main keyword into the texts and fill in the ALT tag of the image;
  • Try to write articles in a consumer language, not in complex technical phrases.
  • Use links to other pages within your article.
  • Write articles in paragraphs. Each paragraph must have its own main idea.
  • Do not be afraid to use links to other highly authoritative websites (such as Wikipedia) in your writing.
  • Check with online tools if your article is 100% unique and do not have any plagiarized sentence.

The Google search engine pays close attention to how often websites update their content. As we regularly write articles on Techolala, we see a clear increase in organic visitor traffic, just after we stop posting regularly to the site, it can immediately feel a decrease in organic traffic coming from search engines.

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SEO texts and articles can greatly help a website to be found through search engines. Content and its creation are part of internal optimization as well as external (creating a link network). So this is an important part of the overall SEO optimization services. If you do not have the time for writing guest posts, you can find easily article writers using Fiverr or other platforms. Just make sure that the articles are 100% unique.

Why Do Your Visitors Might Leave Your Website?

Your website design might be old

Unfortunately, but in this case, most internet users have their opinions about the book precisely from its cover. To make your website visitors feel good while browsing it, ensure that the site has aesthetic, consistent and modern colors, a user-friendly and consistent interface, no outdated plugins, and no overall impression of the site being created in the last millennium.

Slow website loading time

According to KISSmetrics researchers, it can be stated that the loading time of a website undoubtedly affects its efficiency and the number of potential customer contacts. Here are some numbers from the study:

47% of visitors expect a website to load in two seconds or less
40% leaves the site if it does not load within three seconds
Each longer second (less than two seconds) reduces visitor satisfaction by about 16 percent.

The website is not appropriate for mobile devices.

The adaptability of the site to screens of different widths has already become an indisputable and one of the key elements of every website being developed. Visitors who are unable to browse your website on their mobile devices, within few seconds, decide to choose a competitor’s product and 30 percent of visitors terminate their purchase transaction if it is not fully mobile-friendly.

The text of the website is difficult to read

If you are a bit interested in website design, you probably know that website design is not just about colors, pictures, and other graphic elements. The type of font you use will determine your site’s conversions and design charm. The font depends on how easily users can read the message you are sending and understand the content.

All text should be split into paragraphs of similar length, with a distinctive title, headings. We recommend using larger fonts that provide a better user experience: use a 22px (or larger) font for headlines and 16px (or larger) for readable text.

Unclear site navigation

Have you ever been to a site looking for specific information, but spend a lot of time trying to figure out where it can be found, and navigation seems like a maze?

Unclear website navigation is harmful not only to users but also to SEO. Next time you think about what navigation should be on your site, use the golden rule: Imagine you are your own customer who first came to your site. In this case, is the navigation really clear and all information easily accessible?

Try to avoid these five key mistakes and notice how your site visitors will become your customers.

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The First Impression Of your Website

Business page content

Knowing that visitors spend most of their time on the homepage, otherwise known as the Landing Page, it is imperative to attract the attention of the visitors at the beginning of the page to stay on the site.

By attracting the attention of visitors, the services and contacts of the company must be clearly presented. These are the key elements of a business website.

Other needed elements for your website:

  • Reviews;
  • Broader information about the company and its goals;
  • Call to Action – Promotion of the Convention;
  • Social networks;
  • Contact form.

Having these elements on your site will give the visitor a sense of social proof, drive them towards conversion, and have a clear connection with the business. Having these key elements on your website will give you an edge over many of your competitor’s websites.

Institutions such as restaurants need a good website to convey their image to the visitor. In the beginning, it is also important to engage the visitor, but instead of services, first, describe yourself and your story.

Photographs and descriptions help to further convey the image. A contact form and contacts at the bottom of the page are also required.

The Titles Of Your Article To Get Organic Traffic

Your post headlines may be good, but why not make them even better? Creating eye-catching headlines can dramatically increase the number of people who land on your site from search.

For example, using Google Webmaster Tools alone can easily determine which keywords and phrases are driving the most so-called “click-through” traffic to your site. In simple terms, you can see in this tool which keywords are best converting. From our observations, some of the best-looking keywords are:

Numbers eg. 3 ways, 7 methods, 10 things and so on.
Free ..
Secrets ..
Why ..
The best, fastest, easiest way ..
By using just a few of these words in your blog headlines, you will soon notice how your overall click-through rate for your site will increase.

Answer the questions on the Quora/Reddit pages or – A pages where you can ask a question you care about on any topic and get a response from other visitors. By answering your niche questions, you can gain reputation and popularity, which guarantees back traffic to your page.

First and foremost, it is important to choose the right and quality questions that generate thousands, sometimes millions of users per day. Use the SEO Assistant tool you use to find the most popular Quora/Reddit pages that drive the most traffic. When you have a question on a current topic, it is very important to answer it correctly:

Do not raise low quality, self-promotional answers. Quora moderators are not against advertising, but only when they receive useful information from you.
Add pictures. You will attract more attention as the vast majority of answers are in textual form.
Avoid telling stories, writing longer texts with your experience. Often, the reader engages with the story and is more interested in the story than the tactful answer in one sentenc

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