Time Thief: 5 Tips to Reduce Unnecessary Smartphone Addiction

It is obvious that a smartphone is an extremely useful tool. Without it – we are like without hands. It allows you to reply to emails at any time, connect with friends, take photos and record videos. However, more often it becomes a distraction. If you think you also have this problem, here are some of the 5 tips below:

Delete Social Gadgets

Unless you need it for your job, your phone does not need it. Applications are quickly deleted and installed so you can get them back on vacation. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – If you think these gadgets are distracting you, delete it out.

Turn on the gray mode

All those colored icons stimulate the pleasure centers of your brain. That is why you want to watch TV, even when nothing interesting is shown. As in result, watching a black/white movie requires more effort than colorful. Download the application that turns your phone gray. You can also access this in your phone’s settings.

Mute Notifications

No, you do not need to know when or who uploaded any post. Turn off any active notifications that you do not need at work. The “Do Not Disturb” mode is also suitable for this, but it is better to manually deny each application’s ability to interfere with messages you do not need. Because you know you want to grab the phone as soon as it vibrates. At the same time, mute those chat groups that are no necessary for the job – you will find out later what your friends doing.

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Turn off the Internet

Of course, a phone may be necessary. But it may not be. If you do not use your phone to access the Internet while working, just turn itoff. Turn on Flight mode and forget that you have a phone.

Turn off the “Always on

The display feature “Always on” is a feature that allows your phone to display messages even on a dormant screen. This is how it is called on “Android”, the analogous function has an iPhone too. Or at least put your phone face down.

Finally, do not have a phone in your work area unless you need it. Why is it on your desk? Let it be on the windowsill a couple of metersaway and if necessary reachable, but not so easy. During the time, you will find that increased productivity motivates and delights you more than surfing on social networks.

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