Top 5 Best 2022 Gadgets for New Car Owners.

With 80.6 million car sales last year it seems like we are nowhere near the end of the use of fossil fuels, not to speak about global warming and other environmental issues. For most people, a car is still a must, whether it is used to drove to work or to do some work. So, if you are that kind of car owner yourself, the best you can do is to keep your car in excellent condition in both technical and cosmetic aspects. Therefore, we are presenting the top 5 best new gadgets that are a must in a car despite if it is a cute little city car or a heavy-duty off-road truck.

1.Compact portable car vacuum cleaner.

One of the best things you can do as a car owner is to keep it clean and tidy. It is necessary to wash your car regularly to protect its paint and body from corrosion, especially in winter months. But it is as important to keep inside of your car clean as well. Unattended car interior does not only look bad but also might sometimes be a cause for appearing of foul odors and windshield fogging. Many experienced car owners and cleaners can confirm that one of the best ways to clean your car is by using a vacuum cleaner. And what could be better than a regular vacuum cleaner? The answer – a portable one. It will be an extremely handy tool for keeping your car clean.

2. A high-quality dashcam.

With that many cars being released to the road car crashes are inevitable. That may be rare at your location, but it still happens. And afterward, even if everybody remains unharmed, the guilty side must face its financial consequences. Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to determine which driver made a mistake. So, here is the place that high-quality dashcam comes into. It will capture every detail of the crash and it will be a lot easier for you to prove your innocence, therefore save a lot of money for insurance tax and a police ticket. Also, many drivers become a victim of a hit and run at least once in their lifetime, so a dashcam capturing a license plate number will ease the search process and once again will save you a lot of time and money.

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3. Portable air compressor for tires.

Flat tires happen a lot. Whether it was your angry neighbor or some hooligan in the parking lot of Walmart, sometimes you will find your car having a purposely flattened tire. It is good if you have a spare. But it is even better if you have a portable air compressor. It will save you some time, energy and fury. Of course, it is just a precaution for hooligans, the air compressor will not fix the punctured tire, for example when you run over a loose nail on the road, so a spare one should be in your car anyways

4. Inflatable travel mattress for the car.

Sometimes it just happens that you are traveling a bit slower than you planned and suddenly feel tired in the middle of a night, but a motel is nowhere near. Or you come to a country and are too lazy to put up a tent.  You could just sleep in the front seat of your car, but anyone that has experienced it would confirm – it is not the most comfortable place to sleep. But do not worry as there is a solution. An inflatable car travel mattress will transform your backseat into a cozy traveler’s bed that will be appreciated even by the pickiest ones.

5. Cigarette lighter USB charger.

It is probably common sense to some, but a lot of people still do not have it. But believe me, it is no joke when your phone battery suddenly dies, and you become lost. Of course, you could just continue straight, but that might be a waste of fuel and time. It is a lot cheaper to just equip yourself with a cheap little charger. It might even save your life eventually.

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BONUS: A shovel.

What comes to your mind when I mention a shovel in a trunk?… Well, you could use it this way, but I certainly do nor recommend it. Nevertheless, It is a must and is even considered survival tools. There might be a lot of extreme situations where a shovel might help. Digging yourself out of snow, digging your car out of a muddy piece of road… Or, if you were passing through a forest road and your car just broke, a shovel might help you survive until you will find helpful. So do not underestimate the old-school technologies. They are as important as new ones.

Drive safe.

So, now that you have all the necessary gear, go and take your car for a spin. It deserved that.

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