Useful Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you want to use your computer time more efficiently, or do you just want to perform some tasks without using a computer mouse? You have to learn Keyboard Shortcuts.

Windows 10 has a number of keyboard combinations that will save you time and allow you to perform some of the tasks you use every day in an instant.

The most popular Windows keyboard shortcuts

Many keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10 are activated by a Windows button on your keyboard.

  • Windows: Pressing this button will display the Windows 10 Start menu. From here you will be able to access all the programs and settings windows installed on your computer.
  • Windows + A: pressing the Windows and A buttons together will open the Action menu, which is usually accessed by clicking on the link to the right of the clock.
  • Windows + D: instantly opens the desktop and hides the rest of the programs (not all windows are shut down, they are lowered). Pressing Windows + D again returns the program windows to their previous program or where you were, so you can continue working.
  • Windows + E: opens a file browser window.
  • Windows + I: open the Windows Settings menu, which contains all the most important operating system settings.
  • Windows + L: the keyboard combination instantly disconnects your user account, and opens the Windows Login window. This is usually useful if you need to quickly hide from outside eyes what you are doing to your computer.
  • Windows + M: reduces the sizes of all currently visible windows and programs with a single click.
  • Windows + ← (left arrow): minimizes the window, and moves it to the left side of the screen.
  • Windows + → (right arrow): minimizes the window, and moves it to the right side of the screen.
  • Windows + ↑ (up arrow): maximizes the currently open windows and programs with a single click.
  • Windows + ↓ (down arrow): minimizes the window of the running program.
  • Windows + Space: allows you to use the keyboard to change the language you are typing.
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Less but still popular Windows keyboard shortcuts

You can copy, cut and mark text using the mouse. However, using the keyboard, this can be done much faster!

  • CTRL + X: cut the selected text.
  • CTRL + C: copy the selected text.
  • CTRL + V: paste text (paste command).
  • CTRL + A: select the entire document (all text in the document, with photos and other content). Also suitable for tagging all files in a directory.
  • CTRL + Z: in most programs allows you to undo the last change made.
  • PrtScr (or Prinscreen button): “captures” the image on the screen. The screenshot should appear in the Pictures -> Screenshots folder on your computer.
  • Windows + PrtScr: captures an image on the screen and automatically saves it to the Pictures -> Screenshots folder on your computer.

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