What Are Guest Posts? How to Write It? Tips And 7 Methods

If you are here you probably want to know the details about the Guest Posts methods and tips. It is very important to know that just writing an interesting article and uploading it to your website is not enough. Especially if you want someone to find and read your masterpiece. In order for your article to be found eg. In Google.com search, you will need to edit it in a special way before publishing. This process is called SEO Writing.

Target keywords in Guest Posts

To make your website, product or service easier to find online, you need to convert the text or article on your site into SEO text. To do this, you must first select targeted keywords in your area that people will search for in your text. Later, you will need to optimize the text you create for these keywords.

Only then can you expect the search engine to correctly rank your SEO article and offer it to the reader in the top positions for the keywords you choose.

How do I choose targeted keywords?

The free Google Adwords Keyword Tool is a great way to do this. It will help you select the most targeted keywords that will generate the most traffic for your business. Free tutorials on how to use this tool are available at Youtube.com.

7 Methods for a good SEO article/Guest Posts

1.Select the topic of your article

It all starts with choosing a theme. The topic should be very clear and interesting to you personally. By the way, journalists use the same criteria when searching for topics for their new articles. Only then can you expect to write a really interesting and “hanging” SEO text.

When searching for topics for your articles often people do not bother to search a lot. They just look at “what the bees do”, which is what people read and discuss most on the popular high-traffic portals, and then write about the same thing.

But as my personal experience shows, even in very narrow niches, there is a huge selection of topics. You just have to turn on your fantasy. In this way, you will become an expert in your field and an authority to others.

2. Choose the right Keywords

This stage is particularly important. Let’s say you have chosen a theme for your new article and now you need to select the right keywords for it. This needs to be done right now, that is, before writing SEO text.

Very often, SEO professionals or website content administrators first write the text and then see which keywords they have used more often than others and optimize the text accordingly. This is the wrong principle.

The necessary keywords and their synonyms must be used from the beginning and in the right places when writing SEO text. It is sufficient to use 1-3 search query keywords. The most important thing is to choose the right ones and then start SEO text writing. Be sure to use the keywords you chose during this process.

A little more keywords should be at the beginning of the text because the top of the text plays the most important role. You just do not need to overdo it. Write the text for people, not for search engines. Google is very suspicious of the excessive use of keywords in the text.

3. Write correctly and ergonomically

Remember that the SEO text you write must be correct and free from many mistakes, especially grammatical ones. A large number of errors in the text will immediately deter visitors. You can easily check if your text meets the grammatical rules using Grammarly.

Be sure to use the paragraphs and numbers in the SEO text as this will positively influence the text:
• Ergonomics (reading comfort);
• The smooth layout of the topic;
• The attraction for reading.

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4. Loudly read your text

One of your last jobs is to read the text by voice. You need to read with your voice, not your thoughts, as your ears will not miss logic mistakes. Remember that you give your SEO article to people who read it, and they really appreciate it when you save their time.

5. Use a short, clear title and headlines

This is an important factor in SEO text ranking. It influences search engine optimization both directly and indirectly.

In the first case, the search engine simply indexes the title and considers it the most important part of the text.

In the second case, the main purpose of the headline is to “hook” your reader.

A good text title can attract a targeted visitor and a bad one can repel, so always choose the right and “intriguing” headline.

6. Use proper meta tags descriptions

Another important step in SEO text search engine optimization is to upload it to your site and properly organize your meta tags. Every page of your website, especially SEO articles, must have well-organized meta tags.

The most important meta tag is the title. The site description is intended to entice the reader to click on your link

Unlike the title of your SEO article, the “TITLE” tag is for search engines, so it should be concise and contain key keywords that reflect the essence of the topic. You can check if your meta descriptions meet these requirements here.

7. Evaluate the look and ergonomics of the SEO article

Did you write your first SEO text and published it on your site? Now, look at the overall picture. Why is this necessary?

Because it plays a huge role for your visitor and for the search engines as well.

If you want to receive results – make sure to use those methods of guest posts/SEO articles.

What does an ergonomic article look like?

  1. Sentence up to 12-15 words;
  2. 3-5 sentences per paragraph;
  3. Every 2-3 sections the text is separated by headings;
  4. The font is easy to read;
  5. Sentences – colloquial;
  6. Only a few specific words;
  7. Specific words must have definitions;
  8. Difficult places are facilitated by drawings or pictures;
  9. At the end – conclusions;

Paid or free publication of your article

SEO experts divide into two camps: one says that websites accepting free are worth nothing, while others say the link is a link, it is always valuable. Where do these opinions come from?

Free article directories – worth nothing

Proponents of this theory are partly right. A free directory of articles usually does not have high rankings and Domain Authority. It constantly publishes copied content. Often the free directory is fully automated, so it is probably not monitored by anyone. It may be that such a directory is hosted on free web hosting, which is constantly breaking down because some articles are shared on social networks and the page simply does not withstand those 100 visitors…

In such an environment, the article itself is placed not very correctly, often without illustration. So do not expect anything good from it. Before submitting check the website DA with free online tools, also look at the articles and the whole website. Evaluate all the factors and you might find as well a good place for a free guest post where you will get good do-follow backlinks.

Link in Africa – Still Same Link

The other camp is thinking more liberal. Any directory of articles where everything is more or less organized brings value. A no-follow backlink is definitely more valuable than a spam comment or a link directory which is automatically generating page – without owner supervision.

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If you decided to guest post, make sure that your article is 100% unique and does not have any percent of plagiarism. If it does have, change that sentence and make it unique. Otherwise, your guest post will not be valuable.

Age Of Page

It is no secret that Google values ​​long-lived pages. If the page is several years old, the backlinks on the page are likely to have seen several updates to Google’s algorithms. If the page is still found in search, it means everything with it is fine.

By the way, how do I see the age of the page? There is no need to confuse it with the age of the domain as it can be considered as a redirecting for most of its life and content has only recently been added. Look for the Archive page. If it is not public, you can check using an Internet Archive Wayback Machine tool that shows how the page looked in the past. This is very valuable information because you can see when a page has become an article directory even though it was something else before…

Guest Post To The Related Website

Does the article directory have a theme? If so, that is fine. Google also values links based on thematically related pages. For example, a link to a car rental page is in an article published in a car-themed directory. There are not many such topics, but the main ones are business and finance, cars, homes and interiors, beauty, medicine, leisure, IT and so on.

The Design Of the Guest Posting Website

Is the page has a modern design? Does it have its own original logo? Maybe it contains information about the author? Or maybe it starts with HTTPS instead of HTTP? If so, this is a well-maintained directory of SEO articles. SEO professionals like this because it means that the owners take good care of the website and the links in the articles they contain are really high quality.

It should also be noted whether the blog has social sharing capabilities. Or do you see advertising on it? It means intensive work and care, so its quality is high.

Does The Guest Posting Website Have Quality Content?

Is the content quality? It is difficult to evaluate content written for SEO purposes. But it is possible. Just a few points to note:

  • Are articles long? If their lengths are different, everything is in order.
  • Are there illustrations? If there is more than one illustration in an article – all is well. By the way, you should look at the illustrations – do they have Alt text, normal names.
  • Does the article contain Youtube videos? This shows that the content is quality and the user spends more time on it, and Google, after all, monitors and concludes this.
  • Are there are paragraphs in the article or is the beginning bold?
  • Is the text without language mistakes or any other suspicious details?

If you evaluated it all, you can confidently post your article there and expect good results.

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How to find websites which accept Guest Posts?

Right now you need to find a technique to find guest posting websites. For example, write in a search engine: “Your Keyword Guest Post”, “Your Keyword Write For Us”, “Your Keyword Guest Articles”, “Your Keyword Submit Article”.

Another technique is to find out where your competitors have backlinks. We are recommending an online tool Ahrefs. Write your competitor domain name and click “Check Backlinks”.

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