What Is An SSL Certificate And Why I Need It?

We probably will not be wrong in saying that for most non-computer users, the words SSL certificate say nothing, sound like some mysterious spell. If you are one of these people, this article will explain what SSL certificates are, what they are used for, how they help sell, and so on.

An SSL certificate is an electronic document that helps customers identify a particular website and encrypt the information sent between the client and the server.

In fact, websites with SSL certificates look more trusted to customers because, as mentioned earlier, these certificates help protect customers’ personal data.

Such websites guarantee more reliable and safer browsing and data entry. Websites that use SSL certificates are accessed over the secure https protocol (non-SSL certificates are accessed over the less-secure HTTP protocol).

Why you need SSL certificate HTTPS

If your website is accessed via the HTTP protocol, then you pose a significant risk to the security of your customers’ data. That means it may be intercepted and used by third parties.

Data thieves usually scan data packets and steal them. If you use an SSL certificate ( https ), the risk of scanning the data completely disappears, as it is encrypted with a unique key that cannot be scanned during transmission.

For your convenience, certificate issuers provide a guarantee that they will cover the losses incurred by your customers’ credit cards as a result of a violated SSL certificate.

If an SSL certificate is used, this is clearly visible in web browsers: a green lock appears next to the website address. Of course, it can be different on every browser. In the picture below you can see how looks our SSL certificate on the Techolala page using Google Chrome.

This means safe browsing, which is highly valued by internet users. Thus, it can be said that SSL certificates are a guarantee for customers that your website is secure and reliable.

The importance of SSL Certificate

According to specialists, an SSL certificate is necessary for you if customer data is collected. E-mail addresses, passwords, and e-payments are stored on the website.

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Ensuring the security of customer data is your duty and great responsibility. At least the slightest mistake here can lead to you losing a customer (s) forever.

Also, the use of SSL certificates is already one of the factors in ranking websites, signals on the search results page of Google.

Therefore, it is obviously worth investing in the implementation of SSL certificates.

In fact, SSL certificates not only help protect your customers’ personal data but also increase the awareness of your website, e-store.

Google has officially announced that websites that use SSL certificates are ranked higher in Google’s search engine than those that do not.

So using SSL certificates alone will already give you a big advantage over competitors who do not have them and make you more noticeable.

SSL certificates are not only about the security of customer data but also about advertising and all this at an affordable price.

Why you must have SSL in e-commerce project and how to get it

According to research conducted by certificate issuers, having an SSL certificate in e-stores has led to a significant increase in sales, as customers have more confidence in such online stores, leading to more frequent and more purchases.

In addition, most e-payment service providers require an SSL certificate to be installed in your e-shop when entering into a partnership agreement.

As for the price of these certificates, it ranges from several tens to several hundred dollars. The price depends on the size of your business, the level of data protection required, and so on.

For example, a simple, less secure SSL certificate will suffice for a small business. Meanwhile, large online businesses need a much more sophisticated SSL certificate for maximum security.

If your website is non-commercial, then the best solution is to use free SSL certificates. Free SSL certificates are issued for personal use, open-source projects, etc.

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We are using and also recommending to use Cloudflare protection. You can get with a free plan SSL certificate and also the protection from DDoS Attacks and other protection. This is also very important for your website.

SSL is required when accepting payments

To meet the requirements of the Payment Card Industry (PCI), online businesses must have a valid SSL certificate with at least 128-bit encryption.

PCI standards confirm that an SSL certificate is from a trusted source, uses the appropriate encryption strength, and provides a private connection on any page where customers need to enter personal information.

If the certificate does not meet these standards, the site cannot accept credit card payments.

SSL increases your client trust

As we said all of these points create trust between the customer and the website.

The absence of a certificate significantly increases the number of lost customers, as these days, website visitors want to be assured that the information they provide will travel safely through cyberspace.

Investing in an SSL certificate is the best way to do this.

Disadvantages of SSL Certificates

So we said a lot of pluses, now it is starting to look from the other side too. Does the SSL certificate have at least one minus?

The answer is yes:

  1. Cost – SSL providers need to build a reliable infrastructure and authenticate you. As you know, there is nothing free.
  2. Productivity is the second minus. The performance of the website deteriorates because the information sent to the server and back must be encrypted. This means that more resources are used and the loading speed can be decreased very slightly. However, this can only be felt by extremely popular websites with high traffic.

In summary, the pros far outweigh the cons. Using this certificate can significantly increase sales, protect information for you and your customers, help you win higher positions in Google, and help your customers trust you.

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