What To Do At Home To Ease Up The Boredom Of Solitude

As most European countries go into quarantine mode regarding COVID-19, it is just a matter of time until the U.S. will do the same. Most of us, despite being healthy or sick will want to stay at home. So here is a list of some fun things to do at home to ease up the boredom of such a situation.

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You can do most of them alone of with your roommate or family member, so check this out:

1. Watch a movie.

This will probably be most popular among the majority of people, as with services like cable TV or Netflix everybody is able to do it. Netflix has its own recommendation algorithms, but if you still don’t know what to watch, try doing an IMDB TOP 250 marathon.

2. Read a book

Reading a book can be not only fun, but it will also help you to improve your vocabulary. Also, books have been proven to increase a person’s intelligence, so it can be a fun and useful thing to do at home to keep you from being bored.

3. Cook a nice meal

Whatever you do, you will still have to eat. So why not make something fancy this time? There are a lot of easy and tasty recipes on the internet that even a first-timer chef could do. Give it a try!

to do at home
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4. Play video games

This might be an everyday thing for some, but if you are not into gaming yet, you could give it a shot. Try online gaming, it will help you socialize with people and maybe prevent you from developing depression.

5. Play board games

Board games are available in almost every household. Why don’t you remember how to play that game, which used to be your favorite as a kid? It might not only ease up the boredom but also bring up some nostalgic memories.

6. Do a puzzle

If you are alone puzzle might be your best thing to do at home. It requires some logical thinking and a lot of time and patience, so you will end up not only spending your time but also improving your mind, which will be necessary after all this thing will come to an end.

7. Create something visually appealing

You could try making something nice, like jewelry, or a painting. It improves your art side of the brain. Plus, you will get an art piece to decorate your house as a result of this.

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8. Host a party for yourself

After all these intense things you need some time to relax, so you can throw a party for yourself or your family members if they are living with you. It would be a great chance to strengthen your relationship.

9. Plant a plant

Maybe you always wanted to get a dog, but your landlord would not let it. Well, you could plant a plant and keep it instead of a pet. It requires less attention, and maybe a great decoration for your apartment.

10. Plant it in a lightbulb

If you want to go to the extreme, you could even plant it in a broken lightbulb. Just be careful not to cut yourself.

11. Start learning yoga

Solitude might be a great chance for you to try meditation or yoga. It is a great technique for self-improvement and relaxation. You can find plenty of tutorials online.

12. Have a photoshoot

Why not make a photoshoot? You could try setting up your atelier and making some fancy costumes, or you could do all the work on your computer using editing software. Who knows, maybe you will find it to be your new hobby or even a profession.

13. Learn calligraphy

It is a great thing to do at home, as it does not require any special tools, only patience. If you will get good enough, you could even surprise your friends by giving them beautiful handwritten cards. Believe me, it is a very personal and nice thing to get.

14. Have a bath

When is the last time you took a shower? What about a bath? Well, if you have a bath in your apartment it would be a healthy thing to treat yourself. It is scientifically proven that a hot bath relieves stress and helps physical injuries to heal. It also tones your body, so you would feel much better after an hour or two spent in a hot bath.

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15. Make some life goals

You have been procrastinating for too long. Make some life goals that would be good enough for you. It will help you deal with all the stress and also you will be able to see the big picture more clearly. Just do it, it is a perfect opportunity for it right now.

16. Clean your house

Be honest with yourself. You live in a mess and have been constantly making excuses for not cleaning it. Now it is a perfect opportunity to clean up your house since you have all of this free time. It is the most productive way of eating time up. Also, it counts as an exercise, so there are health benefits to this too.

17. Take a nap

A fast-going city life usually takes its toll by reducing the average person’s sleep by about an hour a day. Make sure to keep yourself well-rested to boost your immune system and relieve stress. If you have nothing else to do at home, go take a nap.

18. Rearrange your furniture

If you got bored with your furniture, you don’t need to go and buy a completely new set right now. Try rearranging them, see how it fits the best. You might end up with a lot of cleared space in your apartment, which is a good thing in most cases.

19. Start looking for a new job

According to Forbes, 53% of Americans are currently unhappy at work. If you happen to be one of them, you just got an opportunity to look for a new one, use it wisely.

20. Waste your time on social media

If you have already looked through all of the things to do at home, and don’t feel like doing anything productive, go waste your time on social media. And you can start it by giving us a like on Facebook 🙂

So, keep yourself occupied, or beep yourself bored, both options have their benefits. But most importantly, protect yourself and keep healthy.

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