Why it is Worth to Buy Gaming Smartphone Nubia Red Magic 3S? Specifications Outperform Even Giants

This may seem rather strange at first, but more and more manufacturers are developing gaming smartphones. As you get deeper, it does not look so strange. Such smartphones handle games well, use the best cooling systems, and perform very basic functions. Nubia Red Magic 3S is the most beautiful and cheapest gaming smartphone. What else can rejoice at, or perhaps upset? In this review, we will learn everything.

ZTE nubia Red Magic 3s was released in 2019, September. It is the new competitor in the gaming phone category for Razer and also it is quite enough other specifications for regular smartphone uses and some areas it even beats the giants.

Quick Review of Specifications Red Magic 3S

  • Very cheap price when buying from the official site plus no duty in any world country.
  • 90Hz refresh rate (Only the new Samsung is going to have it, so it is very high outrun).
  • The 12GB Ram is significantly cheaper than the ASUS Rog 2 and other phones.
  • The end is made from metal while the Asus Rog 2 from the plastic.
  • The ram is a little bit slower than Asus Rog 2, but with such specifications, it will not change anything.
  • It has very good cooling vents, they are quiet and work well, it outperforms the major smartphone giants.
  • The coolest looking smartphone design, especially back of the phone you could ever see.
  • It has a Headphone Jack.
  • Camera good for everyday use, but newest Samsung has better (there is even 8K movie mode)
  • User Interface is the only thing that can be seen as not comfortable, but with the extra application you can reduce the size of the icons, the soft could be a bit more comfortable for everyday use.
  • Gaming mode – cool looking, various useful choices
  • 5000mAh battery which is a very big plus. The standby time is very high compared with other smartphones.
  • It has a huge screen, after using even 9+ Galaxy made a difference (if you do not carry it in your pocket – it will not be a minus).
  • No SD Card slot.
overview of nubia red magic 3s
Source: mesramobile.com

Unboxing of the nubia Red Magic 3s

The packaging you are going to receive is quite simple but in the strict shape for gamers. It has included charger/data transfer. The charging cable is in red color compatible with phone design. For an additional price, you can buy a protective case, a left-side game handle that connects to the phone back for better gaming peculiarities, earphones and magic adapter. Every additional accessory has a reasonable price looking at the competitors. It looks that the manufacturer tried to look in every detail, from packaging, cables to smartphone design and looks successful.

Should I buy ZTE nubia Red Magic 3s?

It depends on what purposes you are looking for a new device. Is it a good choice if you are looking for a gaming smartphone. If you are the photographer it would be not the best choice for choosing this phone. It is more focused on gaming experience but it is combined for a regular user too, you will not need 2 smartphones for gaming or regular usage. With such specifications, you will not need a new phone for at least 2 years.

Check the prices of the smartphone and accessories of the Red Magic 3s on their official website.

Check the unboxing and the setup of the Red Magic 3S

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