Why my website is not found by Google Search?

Have you created a new website and it is not found by Google Search? This is perfectly normal and should take some time to appear on Google search. However, you can speed up this process. Get links to your site from other sites already on Google.

Another reason may be that you made some mistakes by optimizing your site, and Google penalized you for it. As a result, we do not recommend hiring such SEO “specialists” or listening to their advice that promises high positions in a very short period, such as a month or even sooner.

website is not found
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Don’t overdo it with the design of the page, its layout, if it is inconvenient for site visitors to navigate your page, not everything is well visible, then Google is on the side of visitors, so we advise you to look at your webpage from visitors’ side, make it simple and neat.

How to be found with your keyword on Google Search

If you’ve already appeared in Google search results for your preferred keyword, but your competitors are much higher than you, convince Google that your site is the most interesting, valuable, and accurate for your visitor.

Don’t forget to add photos, videos to make your page more useful than your competitors. We advise hiring an SEO specialist or at least consulting with him. SEO tips will come in handy for any entrepreneur.

If you want your site to be found by the keyword “Cosmetics.” Then talk a lot about Cosmetics on your website. Of course, there is no need to empathize, it needs to be interesting or useful for the visitor to read. If you repeat the same word five times in each sentence – there will be no use, the text will be uninteresting, non-inclusive.

Try to get backlinks from similar content website by writing guest post about your services. It is very important in order to get organic traffic to your website, this will help you out to increase the position of your keyword.

The text you write on the website must be readable. You’re probably wondering how to check if text is scanned and what text Google doesn’t usually scan?

The answer is very simple: highlight and copy part of the text of the site, and then try pasting it in search. If it works, then Google will be able to scan.

Typically, text that is embedded in images cannot be scanned. Therefore, be sure to write basic information as text, and pictures or videos are just an attachment to your text.

If you make a change to your site, then be aware that the change will not be reflected in Google immediately. You may have to wait a week or two or even a month. To do this faster, you need to install the Sitemap.xml file or use the Google Console.

Don’t forget! If your website isn’t found in a Google search, make your site informative for your preferred keyword, user-friendly. Of course, start guest post to other sites with similar topics to get backlinks. Think from the user’s side, see through them eyes. Remember, it will take time and patience to have high position keyword.

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