Why My Website Is Not Getting Approved By Adsense – Valuable Inventory: No Content

Did you create a new website or a new blog? Like many website owners, you want to earn from created content. Right now everyone is facing approval problems. In the 2020 Adsense change, its policies for approving new websites which are now is a headache to be approved having a new website. The most common decision after the review of Adsense is “Valuable Inventory: No Content”. The best way to earn from a new website is still Adsense, while you have not much traffic. In this article, we will provide you all the necessary tips to get approved.

Valuable Inventory: No Content
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Your domain is just registered and you have not enough content

Do not submit your website for approval if it is created less than a month ago. It is 100% that your website is not going to be confirmed. After 3 declines in Adsense, you will not able to re-submit your website for a month. I bet you do not want to happen this. You have to be very patient.

Meanwhile, you have a lot of things to do to be confirmed. First of all, you need to have great content. Write at least 20 unique articles that will have 700-1000 words. The articles have to be with 0% plagiarism. After submitting your article check in a few plagiarism checkers.

For us it is the best is Grammarly and Smallseotools. If it will find even 5% of plagiarism, change that sentence and check it again. Google or Adsense does not like plagiarized content. You will not get organic traffic if you do so. That means you will not earn from Adsense even you get approved.

Post regularly: 1 article per day, 5 articles per week. Use images, provide the sources of it. Find a youtube video that would fit your article topic and insert it. Your content has to be written in high-quality.

The content of your articles

Make sure your articles do not have violent: alcohol, gambling, promotions and etc. content, sexual or child abuse content.  Your article needs to be valuable. Readers have to get benefit from your content but not useless information. For more information, you can find on Google Tips.

how to get approved by adsense
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Pages that you need to include to your website

If you want to avoid Adsense decision of confirmation “Valuable Inventory: No Content” your website has to look professional and have important pages.

Most often people creating websites using WordPress. Firstly, in that case, you have to find a good-looking theme. Invest in a good theme, it will pay off.

Second, it is important to have your website logo. Nowadays, you can create it for free using the online logo creator.

Third, if your topic, for example, is health, you need to create categories that you will write on your blog. Then, you need to have pages like Contact Us, About Us.

The most important pages – Privacy Policy, Terms, and Conditions, Cookies policy. Those 3 last pages have to include Adsense Ads policies in order to be confirmed, if it will not be included, you will not be approved.

You can create your policies with online generators for free where will be included necessary sentences about it.

Your blog has to be simple, professional – easily understandable for users. Read more information in Google Adsense answers – Make sure your site’s pages are ready for AdSense.

how to get approved by adsense
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Your website has to exist in Social Media

To be approved in Adsense, create Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram accounts. Provide it on your website that people visiting your website could follow you. In every article using social share buttons to get more visitors. Share your articles on social media, like Facebook groups.

Your website must have some traffic to be approved in Adsense and of course, you will earn more when you get more traffic. Find interesting topics and titles to write in order for users who would like to read what you are writing. Read before you posting and firstly think if it is interesting to read for yourself? Would you click on that article link? Give your friends to read it, you might get advice from them. If you want to earn you have to be smart, patient and endeavor.

Your website needs to be optimized

If you are using WordPress, install an SEO plugin, we are using and recommending to use Yoast SEO. It will enough for your free version and do not need to spend money. Using this plugin, optimize every page on your website. Create every page descriptions for search engines. Do the same to every article you write.

Using the SEO plugin create sitemap.xml and robots.txt files in order to get indexed in the search engines. You will also get SEO analysis before uploading the article.

Get some backlinks to your website. You can get it by posting guests posts to other websites. Go easy with that, Google does not like fake backlinks. Create a high-quality post about your topics and find where you can post it.

The backlinks will increase your domain authority which means that your articles will get higher ranks in search engines and you will get more traffic.

However, the process of domain authority takes a long time to get it higher. It consists not only regarding the backlinks. The age of the domain, regular posting, social media shares, traffic and etc. means a lot.

Briefly how to get approved by Adsense.

First of all, be a patient and a hard worker. Everything comes with time and effort. Before submitting your website to Adsense, make sure you made those things in the first month of your webpage existence in order to not get a decision – Valuable Inventory: No Content:

  • Wait while your domain age will be at least 1 month;
  • Write at least 20 High Quality and unique articles which would have 700-1000 words, images, videos;
  • Include necessary pages: Categories, About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, Terms, and Conditions;
  • Create Social networks accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and get some traffic to the articles;
  • Create a user-friendly layout and design;
  • Optimize your website, get few backlinks.

Also, watch Adsense created a video about the confirmation of the new website:

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