Why Packages From China is not shipping: Coronavirus Consequences

Did you recently order an item from Aliexpress/eBay or a similar platform where ships from China? Your package will be on the delay and you will not be informed about it. Right now, manufacturers from China are prohibited to send packages worldwide. In this article, you will find out why coronavirus delayed the shipments.

Why coronavirus stops shipments from China?
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Why coronavirus stops shipments from China?

Coronaviruses remain on surfaces for up to 9 days at room temperature, it is the time that the virus is contagious. On average, they survive for 4-5 days, according to a group of German researchers from Greifswald and Bochum in the “Journal of Hospital Infection”.

When do you ask the seller why my package is not shipped? The answer is that they are in “Holiday because of coronavirus in China”. This means that we might become infected receiving the package from China. If there would be no probability for that, why they are on the “Coronavirus holiday”?

Cold weather and high humidity further increase viral survival.

In the absence of specific therapy against coronaviruses, prevention is crucial, the researchers say. Like all airborne infections, the virus spreads through the hands and surfaces that are often touched.

That is why all shipments right now are on a delay and are not to ship. Every single package is being touched almost every day until the package is delivered for the user. In this process would be a high probability to become infected even for the user in another place of the world. This would cause the prevalence of the virus.

Günter Kampf from Greifswald Hygiene and Environment and virologist Eike Steinmann of the University of Bochum Ruhr systematized data for the planned book from studies on coronaviruses and their inactivation. In response to the current situation, the experts published the scientific findings in advance.

Scientists speculate that their data on other coronaviruses may be applicable to the new virus 2019-nCoV.

 Steinmann said that all results of coronaviruses were similar.

Scientists recommend disinfectants based on ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, or sodium chloride. When used at the right concentrations, the number of contaminated coronaviruses per minute is drastically reduced from a million to barely 100 particles that can be destroyed. Preparations with other active substances will have limited viral activity.

The hand washes with soup will also reduce the spread of the virus and infestation.

Can somebody stop the coronavirus?

The team from Imperial College London has launched animal testing of the new coronavirus epidemic.

Can somebody stop the coronavirus?
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The vaccine is created in just 14 days, although it usually takes months or even years. It made so quickly because the development of a pilot vaccine was due to China’s willingness to cooperate.

Dr. John S. Tregoning, from the Department of Communicable Diseases, Faculty of Medicine, were appreciated Chinese researchers for sharing key data with the international medical community, which allowed a team of British scientists to make a breakthrough.

Vaccine testing on animals – mice and primates – began last week. If all goes well, clinical trials in humans can be started this summer. In order to start mass production, the second phase of human studies must be started.

Hearing new cases of virus infections around the world, the leading scientist of the vaccine says the work of their team is crucial, whether or not the coronavirus epidemic will be effectively controlled.

Scientists at Imperial College London are not the only team developing vaccines: Scientists around the world are taking the challenge to find ways to protect people from the disease. Because of the rapid pace of research, the first vaccines are expected to appear at the end of 2020.

How does coronavirus look?

While scientists around the world are using the virus to create a vaccine, most of us have not really seen what this new coronavirus looks like

How does coronavirus look?
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This photo made by scientists at the Rocky Mountain Laboratory of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The picture of a coronavirus above is taken by a scanning transmission electron microscope.

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