Why Security Of Your Website Is Important: Specialists Tips

Ensuring security is one of the key criteria to consider when ordering website development services. According to the professionals, website designing must be done carefully and it must be ensured that the final work does not leave any security loopholes.

Otherwise, it will harm both the client and the reputation of the specialist. If you are looking for a specialist who can build an affordable website, you should first estimate how much work the specialist will need to put in. It is logical that if it takes a few weeks to create a website, it will certainly not be enough for just one hundred dollars. The more time is spent on the work, the greater the amount spent by the customer.

Why it is worth to increase the security of your website

Because losing and restoring your site information can take hours to never. Hacked sites quickly lose owned positions on the Google search engine. The returning to previous positions can take anywhere from 3 to 9 months and require a significant budget compared to the cost of installing a security package.

How to increase the security of your website

  • Update the content management system to the latest version;
  • Update the current theme and its plugins to the latest versions;
  • Do not use (change) logins such as “admin”, “password”, “your name”;
  • Hide website administrator login URL;
  • Install additional protection against the most popular attacks: brute force, XSS, CST, and more;
  • Install additional Apache protection.

Such changes would protect your project from the most popular hacking techniques. However, the best protection, of course, is the constant concern for site security and the use of an automatic backup method.

When ordering website development services, the security guarantee must be taken into consideration

It is worth noting that website designers often apply a warranty to some of their work. For example, after a site is complete and a month after the site is up and running, it may stop working.

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However, you need to understand that programming languages ​​are constantly changing, so it may not be the specialist’s fault that your site is not working as it used to. However, if it comes to website hacking, then the professional should already take responsibility. Most professional website designers leave no security loopholes and usually apply a warranty for their work for a limited period.

As a guarantee, the customer is not required to spend money if the site is hacked by existing security vulnerabilities.

However, when you want to make any update, you should coordinate with a specialist beforehand. You see, most professionals do not make any necessary updates for free – for free, they can only eliminate their own bugs. So, if you are planning to order website development services, be sure to ask for warranty service and how much the website updates will cost if necessary.

Site administration mistakes

The biggest security threat might not be the site code itself, but the administration and server configuration errors. The simplest way to hack a site is to simply check if it is a content management system that has some standard easy-to-guess password like “admin” or “test”. This seems to be a matter of course, but it is a common occurrence.

In addition, the server to the site itself runs a number of additional services to ensure its functionality – database, email, server configuration tools. Each one can also be completely password-free or easy to guess. Of course, it would take a lot of time for people to search such sites and verify their passwords, but it is not the people, but the bots.

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Bots – i.e. specially written computer programs, constantly scan various websites and searches for password-protected systems. And every site will face this – just start a new project and after a few days you can see in the logs a visiting bot who was trying to guess the password.

It is not advisable to save your passwords in FTP login programs on your laptop. There might be viruses that look for such saved passwords. So, if a virus gets into your computer, it will scan your passwords and then it can easily enter the website.

Therefore, it is necessary to configure the server properly and this applies not only to passwords but also to many other software settings. It is also responsible to administer the site because any careless administration can open the door to possible hacking.

This is especially important if you are not using shared hosting but have a virtual dedicated server. Shared web hosting is managed and security is partially taken care of the hosting provider itself, whereas when you order a virtual dedicated server – you have the full responsibility for managing the server.

Page creation is a service for which customers pay a different price every time

It is a mistake to assume that all clients are charged the same prices for website development. Some customers need much simpler websites, so it is logical that they will cost less.

However, if large systems are outsourced and require weeks or even months to set up, then the amounts increase many times over.

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