Why Video Marketing Is A Must For Business Of Today

Whether your business is creating virtual or real products, video marketing is the best way to promote them. It is a powerful way to direct visitors to your website as well as aim traffic towards it.

About 4 billion people admit are watching videos on Facebook and YouTube every day. Most of them spend approximately 5 hours on various videos online each day, the majority of which do it in their workplace. This probably draws your curiosity to the potential of video marketing in any kind of business. So, focus your attention and let’s dive in.

Video marketing
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Why video marketing is so powerful

First of all, let’s face it – people are lazy. Imagine yourself in the position of an ordinary internet user. Written information has been here for ages and everybody got bored, so most people opt to find a video detailing a topic they are interested in. And when there is a lot of people already creating videos that cover most of the popular topic why should users look for written information when they can find a video and save themselves some time reading? Plus, people nowadays tend to lack the ability to concentrate on long tasks such as reading an article, so watching a video while texting and eating a sandwich is substantially easier and more appealing. Therefore, you should consider creating your business a short video about it and also about the most profitable products, how to use them. This holds true even if there are videos made by other businesses about the exact same product.

How to sell using video marketing

Basically, you do not. First and foremost, you need to understand that reason to create a video is not to sell the product, but rather to gain the trust of your clients and come closer to them. You need to show them, that there is a person just like them behind your business. You need to put your client in a top place and please their visual and auditory abilities, so your client starts to feel comfortable dealing business with you. Later, when a client is convinced that you are on his side, you appeal to their problems and offer a solution. Like in real life, just via the virtual medium.

Power of sharing

Do not underestimate the power of sharing when considering video marketing. Remember the numbers at the beginning of an article? Imagine if you could create a marketing campaign for a minuscule price that would reach all of the 4 billion internet users (that is about 80% of total) who spent their time watching videos.

What if I told you that you can? Okay, let’s say your business already has 10,000 people that like you on Facebook or any other social media. Let’s say 80% of your followers tend to watch videos. That is already 8,000 views. Let’s say 50% of them like the idea of your video so much that they decide to share it. On average a person has 350 friends on Facebook of which 80% will watch, and 10% will like this idea of yours as much, so they will share and so on.  This gives us a total audience of about 2,5 million people.

Also, let’s not forget that some of them, about 0.0001% or 250 people will like your idea so much, that they will start looking more often at your business.

And remember, the audience grows exponentially, so, according to laws of probability constant supply of video marketing will not only gain your business exposure but also will increase sales.

Creating videos to get the money?

There are a lot of people, who may be called YouTubers of influencers, who create videos in order to gain profit. Some get it by relying on platform advertisement systems. Some by including paid advertising in them.

youtube video
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Of course, your main business is different, you would create videos to introduce yourself to potential clients and offer them solutions. But previous cases are mentioned not in vain. If you feel too lazy to create a video marketing campaign for your business, you could ask previously described people to advertise your business.

But there is one more option. Just as there are copywriters for regular advertising texts, there are freelancers video copywriters who would be glad to create a sympathetic video for you.

Types of video

There are many different types of videos and each one has its own advantages. You as a business owner should decide how many and what kind of videos do you need. Here are a few most popular ones to show the idea.

Explainers are used to educate your audience about what kind of products you are offering and how they could solve a problem for a customer.

An interview with an expert could show what potential value your product has. It is extremely important to get some well-known people to recognize your product. It could be a distinguished expert to talk about let’s say specific tools, or it could be an influencer to tell the audience about your services.

A review of your products or services could go a long way, especially if they stand above other leading brands in some way.

Of course, you could mix a few kinds in one video, but remember to keep it short


As you can see, video marketing is not a trend of tomorrow, it is happening now, and in order to stand out, you must do as everybody does, just a lot better. So, what do you think about giving it a try?

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