Will E-Cigs Save You From Cancer and Diabetes?

How e-cigs work?

Basics beyond all electronic cigarettes (or you may call it vape) are the same. The unit contains a battery, a heating element, and an e-liquid tank. When you press a button, an automatic controller provides power to the heating element. The heating element heats up e-juice, ant it vaporizes. Afterward, the user inhales vapor and nicotine is absorbed into the bloodstream via the lungs like using regular cigarettes.

In the case of infamous JUUL, or other so-called pods, the battery controller automatically senses when the user is inhaling. It creates even more realistic imitation of smoking which most people like.


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Is vape healthy and organic?

In most cases, e-cigs are advertised as being a healthy and organic alternative to regular smoking. Many brands of e-liquid have nicotine inside. Nicotine is the main chemical which causes that something pleasing buzz and also severe addiction. When a smoker tries to go a few hours without a nicotine hit, he or she experiences agonizing withdrawal symptoms. They might include feeling depressed, tired and edgy, lack of concentration, headaches, insomnia, and in some extreme cases even various heart conditions.

Like all psychoactive chemicals, nicotine is not recommended to be used by anyone. Especially pregnant women and children. Using nicotine-containing products during pregnancy may negatively affect the development of a child’s brain, heart, and various other organs. In young children, nicotine can affect attention, memory, and behavior. It may lead to an increased risk of angriness, depression, other psychological disorders.

Dangers of flavors.

Of course, nicotine is not the only concern about e-cigs. Usually, e-liquid contain more than only glycerin and nicotine. There are many additives that may be used in e-liquid to improve its flavor, taste, smell, mouthfeel, throat hit, vapor amount and other characteristics.

Diacetyl, for example, is used in e-liquid to create a smooth buttery like flavor. In itself, it is not dangerous for the human body. It is also added to some foods like popcorns to intensify their flavor. But when it is inhaled, among other things, it may cause the so-called popcorn lung disease. Doesn’t sound nice, does it?

Another commonly found chemical is formaldehyde. This one is dangerous to humans in any form. Formaldehyde is commonly used in antifreeze to make it more stable. It is also used for embalming bodies. Why would anyone want it in their bodies while alive?

But, previously mentioned chemicals don’t even come close to the next one. So I have to say that Vitamin E acetate is a sneaky bastard. As it is a vitamin, everybody didn’t even think of raising concerns regarding its use in e-liquid. So it is commonly used especially in ones containing marijuana products, to stabilize thickness. However, a recent 2019 vape lung disease epidemic in the US was traced back to this same innocent-looking chemical. Several people had died because of it.

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Vaping vs smoking.

People nowadays commonly discuss whether or not vaping is healthier than smoking. Vapers usually share their story, how vaping has helped them to quit smoking, how much easier it is now to do physical exercise and how much their overall health has increased.

On the other hand, there are also people who think that vaping is just as dangerous if not more than regular smoking. They often refer to the chemicals mentioned above, and a few documented cases of e-cigs exploding.

Vaping has been introduced in 2004. So as for now, there is not that much information about whether vaping is really healthier than smoking or not. I guess time will show.

Should I start vaping?

If you are a non-smoker, then definitely not.

However, if you do smoke a lot and can not find yourself quitting, you might want to try vaping. It will not cure your addiction but might ease some of the smoking-induced side effects, like coughing and headaches. Of course, having in mind various chemicals that are used in the flavoring of e-juice, you probably want to stick to unflavored ones.

At the end of the day, I am not a doctor, so I cannot tell you what to do with your life. You will have to decide that on your own. Just remember that human lungs are built to inhale nothing else but air. 

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