Working From Home Helps To Stop The Spread Of Coronavirus. 5 Tips To Stay Productive And Healthy

If you are worried about coronavirus, let me assure you, you are not alone. A lot of people are starting to work from home in order to stay productive and healthy. Some giant companies like Apple and Google are even promoting their employees to stay at home and work remotely if it is possible regarding their position.

However, despite the remote job being a dream lifestyle for a majority of people, you have to take care if your goal really is to stay productive and healthy, and not just to slack off. 

stay productive and healthy
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It may not be obvious now, but when you are working from home, a pile of dirty dishes might seem a lot more attractive than that little thing you need to do for your boss. Or maybe you will remember that new Netflix series that you have been dreaming to watch for a couple of weeks now.

These “quick” breaks are a real productivity killer. Plus, a lack of socialization with your colleagues might affect your reputation really fast, not to mention your own emotional wellbeing.

So, after you woke up and put on your pants (yes, dressing up is important) take a look into a few tips we have collected from remote work veterans.


Since people are extremely habitual creatures it is extremely important to dedicate a spot in your house or apartment that will be associated with your working hours.

This means that you cannot expect to stay productive and healthy while lying in bed all day all night. Despite it being extremely dangerous to your immune system, muscles, bones, sleep rhythm, and overall physical health, it is a killer of productivity too.

stay productive and healthy
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A good example would be to dedicate an entire room to your workplace. If it is not an option due to a lack of rooms in your apartment, try to at least pick a room that you do not use for sleeping or eating. If that is also not an option, well, then stay in the same room, but move your table to a new unusual place. Place it on the opposing wall, or in front of the window.

As mentioned before, people are habitual. So, this will help to trick your brain into working mode despite anything you used to do at your place before starting to work remotely.

Find a friend

Staying isolated from your colleagues and friends might be extremely hard on an emotional level. Especially if you are living alone. And that is completely normal because people have evolved to constantly be entangled in some sort of social interaction.

Scientists have proved that isolation increases stress hormone cortisol levels in one’s blood. It also increases the chances of developing loneliness or even depression. Also, since you are going to be out of the office for a long time, colleagues may start whispering some nonsense.

stay productive and healthy
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But here is the good news. You can avoid most of the bad stuff just by interacting in an informal way with your colleagues, like texting or giving them a call to find out what’s new. It will help you to stay productive and healthy.

So unless you are a special kind of hermit, I would suggest finding a colleague that is willing to chat with you for a while every now and then.

Planning is key for staying productive and healthy

A day of an average employee is greatly affected by their social interaction. It kind of helps to guide what has to be done that day. When you will be in solitude, you might find it lacking any working structure, therefore you will almost inevitably fail to stay productive and healthy.

Planning is key for staying productive and healthy
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However, planning is a skill, which means you can learn and apply it to your home working routine. Take some time in the morning to evaluate all of your objectives. Sort them in order of importance at first. Then, observe yourself to see what kind of tasks are easy to do at what time of the day. Make a list that exceeds your abilities by about one third. And then try to complete as many tasks as possible.

By knowing that a list is too large, you will not be stressed if something does not go according to plan. We all know that stress is a no go when talking about how to stay productive and healthy. Nevertheless, you will have achieved most of the things you have planned by the end of the day.

Communication methods

Communication with your colleagues is not only important to mental health but it is important for productivity as well. No good company can function without an inside and outside communication.

You have to do your research about what communication channels your company uses. It may be emailed for casual, Skype for short chats and audio/video conferences. Maybe your company is using some kind of screen sharing platform?

Communication methods
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In any way, in order to avoid any difficulties, you must find out what kind of software you are expected to be able to use. Also, it is as important to know how to use it. The best case would be to learn it while you are in the office, so you would avoid all the unnecessary stress and focus on how to stay productive and healthy.  

But if it is already too late, call to one of your colleagues for help. You will be surprised how much an honest conversation can help you.

Different people, a different attitude.

Whether you are a manager or a simple employee, you must understand that everybody is an individual and has its own wishes and needs. Some people like working from home, and for some, it might be an extremely stressful experience.

Therefore, managers should remember to check if their employees are feeling okay once in a while. But employees should still try to do their job and not to spend entire days binge-watching Netflix series about pandemics.

Communication methods
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And remember, that if any trouble arises, communication is the key to solve them. Stay productive and healthy, pals.

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