Xiaomi HIMO C20 Review: The Best Electric Bike Yet?

When Xiaomi is mentioned most of us will think about the latest smartphones and other hi-tech devices. However, this time company has released its newest product Xiaomi HIMO C20 electric bike. What should one expect from a bicycle made by a smart tech giant? Will there be powerful AI or some kind of integrated GPS device? Well, not exactly, but nonetheless, Xiaomi HIMO C20 is worth taking a glance at, so let’s see what is so great about it.

Main specs of Xiaomi HIMO C20

Let’s start with the basics that make Xiaomi HIMO C20 such a neat bicycle. First of all, it is a quite efficient bike, as the manufacturer declares up to 85% energy conversion efficiency. Why is it important? Well, it lets drivers have up to 80km distance trip with one charge, while the unit itself weighs only 21kg (about 46lbs). You can reach up to 25km/h (about 16mph) maximum speed, which will be more than enough for fast and safe trips within the city.

The maximum weight supported by this bike is 100kg (220lbs), so it will fit the majority of interested people, and in no means, this is only a child’s toy.

Powerful 250W motor will let you climb even steepest hills without any effort.  And the best part is that the battery takes only 6 hours to reach a full charge, therefore, you could charge it during your work hours.


Xiaomi HIMO C20 has the size of a regular bike. However, Xiaomi added hinges that let the bike be folded therefore reducing the size so much, that transporting the bike in public transport or trunk of your car will be a piece of cake.

It comes in standard colors of white and dark grey, which will be a perfect match in an urban environment.  

Xiaomi HIMO C20
Source: xiaomitoday.com

Hi-tech side of Xiaomi HIMO C20

This bike wouldn’t be a Xiaomi creation if it didn’t have some hi-tech elements. Therefore, creators of Xiaomi HIMO C20 added a control panel on the left side of the steering bar. There is a small display that shows speed, distance, and available battery level. A couple of buttons act as controls for turning on the bike and controlling the display.

For the safety of the driver, this bike also has a couple of lamps. A bright white one in the front and a dim red one in the back.  Pedals and wheels have integrated reflectors that add another level of safety.

Xiaomi HIMO C20
Source: xiaomitoday.com

Other neat features.

When riding Xiaomi HIMO C20 you can choose one of the three driving modes: fully mechanical – that means the harder you pedal the faster you move, hybrid – you pedal lightly, mostly for fun, and electric motor assists you on steep slopes, and fully electric – that means you relax and you move.  And the good thing about the hybrid mode is that it helps to increase travel distance while burning your fat.

Shimano supplied gears and brakes for this bike, so you will get an extremely reliable, well-tuned, and easy to pedal gear system. Breaks are astonishing as well, stopping distance on a wet road is only 6m (about 19ft) and on the dry road it is only 4m (13ft).

What about the rainy weather? Glad you asked, as Xiaomi HIMO C20 has IP*5 standard, that means it is moisture resistant. You can bravely ride it during harshest rain. Although driving it underwater is not a good idea.  

Conclusion regarding Xiaomi HIMO C20

All of these features seem to make a decent combo for a price. It seems like not only a fun thing to have, but it could be used as a transportation means for your everyday activities like school or job. What do you think about this e-bike?

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